Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tomorrow is September!

I am excited about this for various other reasons unrelated to hockey (the fact that I hate heat and summer itself are also factors) but we can officially say August is over. Wooooo. Some things have been going down in Sabresland also it seems. Let's explore this:

Matt Ellis will be a Sabre again. I think that's pretty cool. He's solid and a hard worker. Not the best, but not the worst. Just a solid guy. I keep using that word. Matt Ellis=solid. The end.

Tim Kennedy went to the NY Rangers. Ok. So, I have been hearing all sorts of things and all sorts of opinions from people on this. People think he is stupid to go there because it is expensive to live and a lot more so than Buffalo (as most places are anyway). He is going to make money from both ends, so I don't think he really has that to worry about. Was it stupid? I don't know, I guess not to him. Maybe he wanted some big city excitement. Maybe he wanted a new team, I have no clue. I am not going to be bitter. I will not protest outside a Rangers/Sabres game. I will not buy a Kennedy clearance jersey or something. I was never a huge fan anyway. He was just ok to me. It was cool he was from Buffalo like Kaleta, but hey, what can you do? He will play there and maybe it will be really good for him, who knows. People get so wrapped up in it like it is effecting their lives in some way. Unless you were the biggest TK fan in the universe, I doubt it will be a big deal. Oh and if you were/are, sorry he left.

I don't think I will be able to attend the puckdrop 2010 thing because of work, and I still need to get my tickets for the Blackhawks/Sabres game. It is the one game I HAVE to go to and get fairly decent seats, even if I have to pay a little too much, it's ok. I already have pre-season tickets for the Toronto game on the 25th, so at least I have that for now. I was trying to get to the home opener plus a Devils game, but they are all so close together with the Hawks game I don't think I will be able to. Oh well.

I'm happy we are getting into September and pre-season and training camps and cooler weather and then before we all know it, October will be here and it will be great! I can't wait to see a couple hockey games a week and just get back into hockey mode. The summer seems to drag on forever and it's just too much already. I'm ready for it to be over thanks. Hockey here we come!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This doesn't seem too good.

I agree with Bucky Gleason's latest Buffalo News column. Oh boy. Yeah I don't see how all this adds up, but I do know that we lost a pretty hard worker in Tim Kennedy. He is young, he hasn't had that much time in the NHL, but it seems like it really didn't matter about his skills (or lack thereof, or whatever) it was over a minuscule amount of money in NHL standards. They get rid of TK and turn around and get this Shaone Morrisonn guy (ok, there are WAY too many unnecessary letters in his name) that I have never heard of. That's the thing though, the Sabres always want to spend money on these guys that you are like "huh, who?" or who are kind of washed up already. They also let go of anyone with any promise, and hold on to guys who are just dragging the team down.

I could go on and on about the Tim Connolly's and Drew Stafford's and all that, but I seriously don't know what to think at this point with this management team. Maybe Tim Kennedy wasn't the player you wanted to hang on to the very most, but was there really a BIG reason to get rid of him? Just let him sit there and not play? You guys are making no sense with this one. It's just business until we all turn around and see Tim Connolly or Derek Roy signed until the end of time (which I think will be the case because, maybe sounds childish, but some of the big guys play favorites it seems). If you tell me that Tim Connolly will be gone after his contract is up, and that maybe you will think about letting some of these other guys explore greener pastures before they are too old to do so, then maybe I will cut you some slack. The thing is, I doubt that will happen. Will we have the same "core" forever and just tread water for the next 10 years? I don't want to say yes, but I feel that is correct. The management makes these little crappy moves like this will help us, but will it? Will saving $200,000 on Kennedy help us bring in someone to turn the whole team around? Of course not. Is this just some silly little thing because they are pissed off Timmy wanted a little more money? Probably. Don't get so defensive dudes, it is afterall "business" like you said.

I don't want to be not even in Sept. yet and feeling like the upcoming season is a bust, so I will just hang out and see what happens. We do have some new guys that could help out, could change the dynamics a little bit, hopefully for the better. I just get very frustrated by the dumb moves that are made here sometimes. I really wonder sometimes if anyone in this organization wants a stanley cup. They need to start looking at the bigger picture here, or it will be a long off season, again.