Monday, February 28, 2011

Who are you Brad Boyes?

I have read some good, some bad on this guy. Still don't know too much, but I guess the only real way to know how he is and how he will be with the Sabres is to see him play. I just hope this is not another Moore, Torres, etc. crap deal of the past. Come on, if you are a Sabres fan tonight, you have to have that thought somewhere in the back of your mind. Our deals at this time of the year have not been too stellar in the last couple seasons.

So for now I will just hang back, we will welcome Brad to Buffalo and make him part of the family, like we always do. That is until he starts to suck. Then we will curse you back to St. Louis so fast your head will spin. It's the Buffalo way sir, don't think you will be exempt.

Oh and Tim Connolly is still a Sabre, unfortunately. Can we work on that maybe? Come on.

Oh and on a little off note, Tim Kennedy went to the Panthers from the Rangers. I wonder if he will like the heat down there. Oh well, he can't look more sad than he already does on a regular basis. But hey, I can't say that because I haven't seen him in a while. Get some sunshine Timmy! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Changes, lots of them

So our new owner is here and it is official, and it is making people CRAZY it seems. He promised us a whole lot, like a Stanley Cup, and within three years no less. Wow sir, that is a lot to live up to I will say. He seems like a genuine man though, he is a fan like the rest of us, and he cried seeing a veteran player at his own press conference. While I did laugh a little (I couldn't help it...) it was quite touching to see this was a dream come true for this man, billionaire or not. Hopefully he can do something for us, there seems to be a lot of faith in him and it is a good feeling of starting over almost. He wants to put money into this team, and he doesn't care how much either. His goal is what all of ours has been for a very long time. We want a championship so bad we can taste it. So, Terry Pegula, welcome! :)

The game last night vs. the Thrashers was a pretty good way to welcome Mr. Pegula in, we won and everyone was in high spirits. The arena was very lively, and the little ceremony before the game was nice also.

Paul Gaustad kicked some ass, and was the Lexus leader. He had a fight, a goal, and was all around awesome. I like when he is recognized and praised because he is a really hard working player and he deserves it. Everyone has ups and downs, and people want to call out certain players a lot, but it is a team effort to win folks. So, yay Gaustad, good job! :)

Jason Pominville, to me, seems like the next one in line to be captain of the team. Craig Rivet was waived, and they are putting him out there in hopes someone will take him for a little bit less money. Now, I guess I never had a positive or negative opinion of Rivet, but for some reason that we do not know, he wasn't playing at all. At that rate it would seem time to get rid of a guy if he is just taking up room in the press box, for whatever reason it might be. Maybe he will find a team to round out his career with and be happy there, we shall see. Everyone deserves to play, he should go somewhere where they will let him.

We have two more home games in hand, and hopefully the guys can keep riding this postive energy wave and win them here. After the initial happiness wears off from this and it is business as usual is when we know what we are in for. We know the boys have somewhat of a history of inconsistency, so we'll see what they can do. Game on!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is just a happy post.

This game was amazing and up and down and sad and then happy and then I don't know, and a bunch of things in between. It was fun to watch and the guys worked hard and they were kickin' ass and Enroth came up and was a boss and it was great. Hecht scored the shoot out goal for us to win and it was also awesome and yeahhhh.

I am just so happy with this game and the Sabres are my boys and they are not hurting my feelings right now and it is great. Hopefully this can all go into tomorrow too, and Buffalo will be a happy hockey city.

All the little guys were out there kickin' ass too and I am so proud of everyone tonight. Geez, I feel way too giddy over this it seems...haha.

Wooooo! :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sabres vs. NY Islanders


-Ryan Miller needs to rest, we all know this. Lalime is not a great backup, and it is pretty much a risk each and every time to put him in to play a game. Miller has played so many in a row and he is cranky and tired. This needs a solution. Hopefully when our new owner is in, he can help management fix our situation, because the people there now are obviously now sure how to fix it.

-Drew Stafford and his awesome amount of hat tricks, I love it. That was the high point of the game, regardless of the fact we didn't win. I am glad he is having a good year.

-I still think Sekera and Butler are useless as d-men, and I really hope they both go sometime soon.

-Paul Gaustad did a few things wrong this game, and I guess pointing them out is half the battle because he can do a lot and I still will not be angry with him, so yeah.

-Patrick Kaleta came back and he was stirring it up a little out there. Glad he's back, hopefully he can stay healthy for longer than like 2

-Our captain is still MIA and it is pretty laughable at this point, and just crazy. He will either retire it seems, or at least not be here next year. It just can't happen.

I still have faith in this team, I do. This was a crazy game, the number of goals were high and we still couldn't capitalize, but this isn't the first time. I can't just stand here and say one thing will make me not want to root for them anymore. When you are a real, true fan you stand behind your team 100% no matter what, and the people of Buffalo know that. This isn't a song that hasn't been sung before. In saying that, the new ownership knows what is in front of them. They know that we have had a lot of these guys for a long time, and things need to probably be shaken up for next season if we want to get somewhere. This man wants to win a cup, and he seems like hockey man, not just a money man. If he is all that he says he is, I'm sure he can get us going in the right direction and help us get closer to winning. Game on!!