Sunday, May 30, 2010

So I've been thinking...

that this will be a really, REALLY good Stanley Cup Final. The Flyers have been the so called "underdogs" the whole time, and the Blackhawks, well, they of course came primed to win it all. That's what pisses me off about how the Sabres were. I know this is reopening a can of worms all over again, but hear me out. Those dudes DID NOT look like Chicago out there. Of course the talent is way different, but aside from that. There is something about the Blackhawks. The spark, the wanting of the cup, wanting it more than any other team. The Sabres I don't think ever had that. It was like, you know what, I'm ready for vacation now. It's sad to think that they could be in this very same spot at this very same time if they just gave a crap, which they didn't. I will miss the team all summer long, and that makes me nuts probably, but it is what it is. Next year we will probably have the same team altogether, and we'll have to see what can be done with it. Mean time dudes, have fun doing whatever, golf or some junk.

I loved watching Ryan Miller last night during the intermissions on NBC. Like, do you remember how it was to face Dustin Byfuglien, like when he was in front of you in the net? He probably has vague memories seeing as the Sabres took them on like twice this year if that, and how can anyone remember? Geez. Ask some more stupid questions guys. My dad couldn't stop remarking on his ugly tie. I couldn't stop feeling happy just to see a Sabre on tv. -sigh-

I also can't get over the weird pronounciations of players names on the Blackhawks. Byfuglien looks like BYE-FUG-LEEAN and it pronounced BUFF-LIN. Ok then. Also, Toews. Looks like TOES, but is pronounced TAVES. Right, and people have trouble with Gaustad? Ummm, there is no way to pronounce it GOOS-TAD unless you failed a couple years of elementary school...there is an A. Oh boy. (This is all just for amusement if you can not

So until then, go Blackhawks! Patrick Kane can bring the cup on a little journey to Buffalo and maybe Darcy will cry into it and we can try to throw it at Tim Connolly. Oh, and I hope we are still thinking of maybe trying some maneuvering to get Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane to Buffalo? Probably couldn't do both, so maybe just Toews. Yeahhh, that would work quite well. A trade of a 19 for a 19? Oh you KNOW that would work out great. Just like trading 9's to New Jersey. (I like living in a hockey fantasy land if you couldn't tell). :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is that you Mike Grier?

Thanks for sticking with us for another year! I can't say that it will be all roses and cupcakes, but it will be an adventure (don't know if that's good or bad though...). Now if we could just see what's up with the other UFA's on the team, and the fact we also have some RFA's as well, and the whole set up makes me kind of ehh. I don't have a lot of faith in the "office" part of the team, so I always make up horrible scenarios in my head of what COULD happen, and then freak because the worse it is, the more likely it will happen. Then the obvious thing just never gets done. Ackk.

But, anyway, playoffs are almost coming to a close, just four teams left. It's really crazy because it goes really fast when you think about it. Dreaded Boston is gone (thank goodness) and they were beat out by Philly which makes me laugh a long, evil laugh. You deserve it. (I'm not bitter, really). I am choosing Philly over Montreal, and Chicago over San Jose, and then Chicago over anyone else. Hey, when can we get Kane and Toews in Buffalo huh? You can have any 4 or 10 guys you want for them. haha. Ok, enough of that for now. I'm just watching what hockey is in front of me for now and that is that. It works out better that way.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I love when I find stuff like this.

I found all this stuff while cleaning out and organizing our shed today. I can't believe all the good stuff I didn't know went out there. I love that Patty Lala is on the cover of that book, and now it will stay in safe keeping with my stuff, not out in the shed, lol. Also stumbled upon a Miroslav Satan rubber ducky??! Yeah, I dunno, my dad said someone got it for him AFTER he was traded, so we just threw it out...haha. I also found my Sabres carnival puck! It wasn't MY exact one, because mine was signed, but it was my dad's or something, so it's better than nothing. I also found a bunch of official game pucks my dad caught (I don't know how he got one more than once, geez) and also some of his hockey equipment from when he played years ago, and a Sabres goalie mask and also a trophy he got for being mvp of his adult league. It was pretty cool to see that stuff, because some I had either never seen or it had been a longgg time and I didn't remember. It's also cool looking through the 05-06 media guide and seeing all the guys that are still here, and how young they looked then...haha. The one ticket stub my dad wanted to throw out, or he said it could go in the trash, but I told him I would take it. I didn't even notice until we were back inside the house that it was signed on the back. I was like "dad, this is signed by someone, I just can't tell who" he turned it over and said "oh, it's signed by Lindy Ruff, can't you recognize that?" I could after the fact, but at first I couldn't at all. Pretty awesome. I also took the Robi signed Sabres fan only parking sign, even though it was my dad's...haha. He said I could, so of course I took him up on that.

So this was my Sabres happenings for now, as hockey is still going on without them. I hope the Blackhawks make it, as they are now tied in their series with Vancouver if I'm not mistaken. Philly is down by 2 games, and I want them to beat Boston....badly. Come on guys, take 'em down! :)