Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's almost October??!

Yes it is. I have waited a long, humid summer for this time, and it is almost here! I am very happy about this.

I didn't get to attend puck drop today because of the whole being an adult and having a job thing, but I do at least like the new away jersey. The other one kinda sucks. Maybe it will grow on me though, I don't know. I own a slug one, and I'm still going to wear it of course, so yeah. Jerseys cost a darn good penny and I buy them to have them for the long haul. So I will have to think really hard about which player I would want to get on a new one. Maybe Ennis? I don't know. We shall see about that.

I must comment on the biggest puckbunny of puckbunnies...Harry Neale. Harry, your whole thing about the "attractive sweaters" and how you hope the "guys wearing them would be just as attractive" man. You are Mr. Puckbunny numero uno, congrats. haha. You have an 11:30am jersey reveal and things just get out of hand sometimes I guess. I love you Mr. Neale, I really do.

I do however have tickets to the pre-season game in exactly one week vs. Toronto. It will be nice to get this blog back up and running on a regular basis again. There will be new players to talk about and hopefully other good things as the season goes on. October here we come!