Saturday, June 25, 2011

More trade stuffs.

So we now have Robyn Regehr as a Sabre and Ales Kotalik BACK as a Sabre. Weirdness ok, just weird to me. We lost Chris Butler (darn??) and Paul Byron (double darn??)to Calgary and yeah, that was it for now. This doesn't really excite me much, was it supposed to? Same old trade junk as with any other trade time. We take some ehhh player and give up some ehh player and see if that will shake things up and sometimes it does a little and sometimes it does nothing, and in the long run it really does nothing. Woooot. I'm forever the optimist, this I know.

In other news, Brian Campbell went to the Panthers (oh come ONN, I just bought his Blackhawks shirt not that long ago dammit!) and one of my favorite other Hawks, Troy Brouwer, went to the Capitals. That makes me sad because I love the Hawks as a big happy family, and I really like those guys. Granted, Campbell's salary is beyond nutty and Chicago is probably having a fun time with cap space again this year, but blahh. That's how it has to work out though. I would have gladly taken Brouwer as a Sabre :)

Development camp starts on July 5th, and I really want to attend this year again like I did last year. It's cool to see what guys will be up and coming in the system and all that, and I just like to keep up with Sabres stuff in the summer seeing as there are no games and that sucks...haha. A few of the guys were at the draft party last night and it's cool to see who could be on the team in the future and see what they're all about. I watched Kev Slyvester interview Marcus Foligno, and I really want him to be on the team like now, right now...haha. I can't wait until he can actually play here, it will be awesome. I'm pretty sure they interviewed Corey Tropp as well.

I also liked the draft picks Buffalo got, Joel Armia has an awesome Finnish mullet (haha yeahhh) and Daniel Catenacci is handsome, and everyone seems excited to be part of the Sabres and everything feels new and fun! Woooo! :D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weirdo trade day.

I think the Flyers just wanted to make things more interesting today or something because they went all crazy and traded away two of their BIG name guys. Granted, getting Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds in their place isn't shabby at all, but wow. It came out of nowhere it seems. Jeff Carter went to Columbus (odd) and well, I think hell is breaking loose in the Flyers fanbase. If the Sabres did something like that it would be crazy. There is some talk here and there about Robyn Regehr coming here from Calgary if he will waive his no trade clause, and then someone said someone wants Roy, then it was Weber, it's like geez. No one will know what happens till it happens, so it's crazy to even listen to much of anything that is just rumored.

I was just hoping we could get rid of Tim Connolly (long time coming people, let's just do this ok?) and maybe a few others and pick up Parise (haha I can dream can't I?) and then things would be nice and sunny. If Mike Richards would have came to Buffalo that could have been nice, a new shiny captain all ready to go, no assembly required! Man. Oh well, who knows what will happen for the Sabres as of this moment, but it will just get crazier as July 1st approaches and after.

Oh and Boston won the Stanley Cup. Eh. I like Timmy Thomas, he's amazingly talented and awesome. The rest of the team...nah. I felt bad for Vancouver just like I feel bad for every team that makes it that far and loses. Oh well, that's how it goes.

Draft day is tomorrow and I will be going to HSBC arena for the first time since January for something hockey related. I am excite(d). :) Schedule was also released today, and the Sabres DO NOT PLAY THE BLACKHAWKS AT HOME THIS SEASON, ONLY AWAY. Ok, grand, how do I get myself to Chicago in January huh? Lammeee. Now I will not see my western conference boys up close for a whole season. Sucks, sucks, sucks.