Saturday, January 29, 2011

All-Star Weekend 2011

A little bit of a different topic, no so much Sabres related (well, a little) but, it is all-star weekend in Raleigh, NC.

Tyler Ennis was going down to NC, the only Sabre, and he is going on the rookie team. He was picked by Eric Staal's team, which I think is pretty awesome. He will be with other rookies like Tyler Seguin and it will be awesome for him I'm sure. They only showed him on tv for like 2 mins., but it was cool to see him there. I just can't believe no other Sabres made it. Bummer.

I did like the exchanges between team Lindstrom and Patrick Kane as alternate, with Jonathan Toews. Kept Toews hanging on until the last minute to be picked...haha. All the Blackhawks, including a former one, are on team Lindstrom, and Patrick Sharp is all alone on team Staal. I have players I like on both teams, but I guess I have more faves on team Lindstrom, but it will be a fun game either way, doesn't really matter who wins. I'm just wondering who will be the MVP this year and win the car. Phil Kessel already won a car and $20,000 to any charity he wants for being picked last in the draft. Geez, if only it went that well for everyone picked last at something in life...haha.

So yeah, skills competition tomorrow night and the actual all-star game is Sunday night, I can't wait. It just seems like a fun weekend for the guys, less pressure, the game is really all in fun. It is also some of the best players in the league all in one place, and how can that not be awesome to watch?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sabres vs. NY Islanders

Paul Gaustad went and scored like 15 seconds into today's game, probably just to signal to me to remember he is still my favorite player....haha. It was his 5th goal of the season, and I think he's been doing really well lately. Sometimes it's just certain guys on a certain line to find a groove, and things go better. Good job Gaustad!

Paul Byron was called up from Portland, as was Matt Ellis. I miss Ellis on the team, I wish they would have just kept him here. There are always things I disagree with that the management does, as I'm sure other people do. It just seems that Buffalo has an even greater ability to mess with the team, ughhh. It was good to see him back though.

Tim Connolly is injured? Did anyone notice? Did anyone care? Did it matter? The answer is NO for all of the above.

We have one more game (vs. Ottawa, lovely) on Tues, before the all-star break this weekend, and then we don't play again for a few days after that. The all-star game to me is pretty awesome. Seeing all those big players in one place is pretty sweet, even though I know a lot of people are like "eh, whatever" about it. I can't wait for everything though, it will be fun. Sidney Crosby won't be attending from what was said today on NBC during the Philly and Chicago game. That will be disappointing for a lot of people, and might even make some people not want to watch at all, I don't know. It sucks, but there will still be enough for me to tune in for. I like a lot of different teams and a lot of different players, so for me it's cool to see.

Ok, all for now, game on!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nathan Gerbe is still awesome.

He was so badass out there, it was crazy. Yes we still lost, but those two goals in 15 seconds was killer. Along with Ennis, they are the two guys on the team that any other team should be afraid of when you think about it. Not a whole lot of size, but they make up for it in every other area you can think of. Both of those guys are amazing and I am just glad they are in Buffalo.

Patrick Kaleta left the game after doing some kind of re-injury to the hand that was already hurt. They probably should have just waited on bringing him back so soon, but, eh that's just what I think. Now who knows how long he will be out, but they should probably make sure he is 100% before they throw him back out there this time. I heard McCormick was sick or something too, which sucks, because we need him out there. I thought I saw him a little, but then he was gone. I don't pay attention too well sometimes it

Marc-André Gragnani is up from Portland, and eh, I don't have a real opinion on him yet.

Stafford is slated to come back next game I think, or sometime soon, so that is good, because we need him back, badly. He has been a really good top player for us with losing Roy and he turned his game around a lot from last season.

Ryan Miller was pulled, and was royally pissed about it, as to be expected. I'm surprised it was only after two goals though. He has let in more than that and stayed in. Maybe Lindy actually figured that maybe he is tired and he needs a rest sometime? Yeah, that would work. The whole goalie thing in Buffalo has been a big mess for a while, we all know that. I just hope SOMEONE makes some changes in the summer this year, because we need them in that dept. in particular.

Next game is Sunday in NY vs. the Islanders again. Hopefully Stafford is back and we can win this one. There are only a few more games until all-star break, which will have no Sabres included except for Ennis for the rookies. I guess that will give the other guys a chance to rest a little and maybe recharge. Maybe that could help? We'll see I on!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nathan Gerbe is awesome.

Yeah, he really is. I'm going to do this entry list style...

1.) Gerbe, to me, has always been awesome. More people need to see this. In this case, size does not matter because that dude is quick, he is ruthless, and he will be all up on your case regardless of the size player you are. Come at him and just see what happens. Yeah Scott Gomez, try again...loser.

2.) Ryan Miller was amazing, as was Carey Price. The goaltending tonight was just fantastic.

3.) You could tell Patrick Kaleta was back huh? He was up in everyone's face as usual, and it was awesome to see. Welcome back PK, we missed you!

4.) I am so glad the guys got these two points, because at this point, they are needed more and more with each game. I hope the Sabres can play more games like this because they were energetic, and they were scrappy and they kept up the heat for most of the game. It was just a fun game to watch overall.

5.) A ton of crazy scraps and then even more injuries for Montreal players, it was nuts. They were down 3 guys within the first part of the 1st period...crazy. That one guy who was hit with the puck by his own man was injured pretty bad it seems, because he even went to the hospital...yikes.

So, to wrap this all up, I love you Sabres! Please play like this forever so we can keep winning! Please??? Game on!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sabres vs. Phoenix Coyotes

Winning is fun, I must admit it. We did pretty well on this west coast stint, and I hope it gives the guys a lot more confidence coming back home, because playing Philly on Tues. will probably not be too easy. But, they did a great job tonight. I was hoping Ryan Miller could get himself another shutout, because they are cool, and back to back ones are even cooler, but it's ok.

Drew Stafford (I typed Drew Miller first, oh is doing amazing, and I'm glad for him. So much crap was said about him at the end of last season, because oh yeah, he was the big problem last season -eye roll- ok then. He is on a hot streak right now and I hope that it keeps up for him. It was weird because before the overtime started, my dad was like "I want Drew to score one, come on Drew, do it" and then a couple minutes later he did...haha. So awesome. He's my mom's favorite player, so she is always happy when he scores too. :)

The standings are kind of daunting at this moment, and I don't really like to make them a big thing, but we need to keep winning, that is all there is to it. No room for a lot of losses in a row, or a lot of losses period. The boys can turn it around, I'm sure. They are on the right track, and things can pick up if they keep it up. Game on!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sabres vs. San Jose Sharks

Ok so it is pretty late and my head is kind of djskdjskd crazy at the moment, so this won't be the best update, but something.

First off, we won! It was great! Ryan Miller got his 3rd shutout of the year, and something like the 20th of his career. He looked awesome out there, like the Ryan Miller we all know and love, it was amazing. He looked so happy after the game too, I was happy for him.

Lindy Ruff got his 500th career win also which is awesome. Congrats to him because that is amazing.

I am really starting to warm up to Luke Adam, I like him. He scored tonight, and he is on the track to be a favorite, I can just tell. He works hard, and it seems like this is the guy that they wanted out there in front seeing as Roy will be out for a long while.

Hecht scored something like his 6th goal of the season, and while he is on some sort of a point streak at the moment, it still seems like he should be doing more, and scoring a bit more. Just my opinion, but he can do better it would seem. I guess he's trying though, now is as good a time as any to start doing better.

We finish the west coast trip up on Sat. vs. Phoenix, and then back home Tues. to take on Philly. Ohhhh Philly, that will be a good game, I can just tell. I got tickets to the game vs. Carolina on the 13th, and I am pretty excited, seeing as I haven't attended a game since October when we played Chicago. Can't wait to get back to the arena! Hopefully the guys can keep up the on!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Drew Year!

So, to start it off, the Sabres played the Boston Bruins New Year's Day. The winter classic is usually an afternoon thing, but was moved up to 8pm due to crappy (translate: not cold or snowy enough) conditions, so the games overlapped. I was kinda eh about the winter classic anyway, I mean I wanted to see Jordan Staal come back and all that, but it was pretty much just like any other game. Buttt, to start with, the Sabres were crazy guys vs. Boston.

The game was so neck and neck the whole time, it was kind of frustrating to be honest. We would score, and you could still be wooing! over it, and they would tie it back up and then we would have to start all over again. The high ending score was crazy, and Drew Stafford got his 2nd hat trick of the year! It was awesome, I am so happy he is doing so well this year. Happy Drew Year was a nice and fitting term for the game for sure. We still ended up having to go to a shootout, but it turned out good, because Stafford scored (again), as did Vanek and Ennis. I have a pretty strong dislike for Boston, so it was nice to actually win this one full out and get the two points. I hope the Sabres can keep up some kind of streak, because it has been a long time, and winning is fun. Come on guys, you like it don't you? Of course you do.

The winter classic was a rainy one, and it looked pretty sloppy out there for the teams, but Washington ended up winning 3-1. It really wasn't a battle of Ovie vs. Crosby because neither of them scored from what I saw, I know Crosby didn't. Oh well, the NHL and NBC had to find a way to sell hockey to a large number of football loving Americans. They don't need to remind me to tune in...haha. Jordan Staal came back and played for the first time this year to the delight of many people, and he did really well. I bet he was happy to be back for this game too after being out so long, and because of how unique the winter classic is.

On a different note, I watched the Blackhawks take on the Anaheim Ducks tonight, and Toni Lydman still does drive me nuts! Wow! haha. Just hearing his name I am reminded of him playing for us and all that went with it. It was different to hear the name just for some other team now. He was doing pretty ok with them the last time I heard, so yeah, maybe the west coast is good for him. I know the Ducks beat my Hawks, and cappy Toews is still out, so tonight's game was kind of a bummer, but eh, it's ok. The Hawks were having a mother's trip to Cali, and it was cute to see all the moms and Toews was on tv with his mom being interviewed as he wasn't playing, and it was completely pretty adorable. She gushes, he kind of blushes and plays it off, and she has a cute French accent and it was just awesome. :)

Yesterday also marked the one year anniversary for my little blog here. I can't believe it has been that long already, wow. I haven't been updating as much as I did last season, but I will try to be better with that in 2011. :)

Ok I feel like I am rambling now...haha. But yeah, that is pretty much it for now. The Sabres play again on Tuesday and they are on the road for a bit. West coast teams are always a bit of a test because the West is really tough, so I hope they can come back with a few wins under their belt, for many reasons, if not just the confidence. We also just need more wins in general, as we all know.

Until next time...