Thursday, April 29, 2010

Way to be awesome in the post-season!,237745&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

This man is not only an awesome human being it would seem, but he also plays hockey. Wow. Most people would (and did) pass this poor mother and daughter on the road, and he stopped and helped, in his dress clothes no less, and actually changed the tire for them. He could have just stopped to see if they were ok and went on his way. I like this story not even just because he is a hockey player, but it is a nice story of humanity as well. Not to mention he was leaving the game that put him and his team out of the playoffs, and goes up to them and says "sorry we didn't win". Oh my my. What an awesome human being.

He isn't too bad to look at either, just had to put that out there. :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I already have post-season depression.

This is going to be super tough on me, I can tell. I don't know if it's that I wasn't expecting it to be over so soon or what, but geez, it's been not even a full day yet, my gosh. I guess I was just thinking the boys would be around for awhile longer to watch them play. -sigh-

But, I listened to WGR for a bit today (probably more than I should have) and Marty Biron was on again, and I really love him. He isn't going to come on the radio and talk about what went wrong and blame people, he is just going to give you the positives because it's the kind of guy he is. He isn't going to tell us Tim Connolly blew it, or that Derek Roy should be traded, or that maybe Darcy Regier should pack his bags now, no. None of that stuff with Marty. He is neutral, and it's cool. He is a player also and he also doesn't play for Buffalo (at the moment), so he is just giving what he can from what he saw. He also still has the cute accent I love, so that's nice. :)

I'm just glad that I have this little blog and that there are a bunch of others that I'm sure will be updated all throughout the off season so that I don't feel too much withdrawl. It's gonna be rough for the time being though. Maybe at some time I will get pissed and just be like "hell with hockey for now", but not at the moment. I think I was supposed to feel that yesterday, but I never really did. Though I didn't feel that every player on the team gave their all in these playoffs, I can't really say I was mad. I just want to see the bums play more, is that so wrong? Who knows. Guess I will have to pick a 2nd favorite team for now and see who gets the cup. Chicago maybe? Sounds good for now.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sabres vs. Bruins--Game 6, I'm not too bitter really

I really feel kind of ehhh at the moment. Half feels like "how could you do this??" and the other half feels sad I won't see the bums until Sept. at the earliest. The breakdown of tonight's game is pretty unimportant at this rate, but the young guys were the ones out there busting their butts for this team. Not just tonight, but pretty much the whole series. There were also a lot of goals (well, actually, pretty much all of them) scored by "underdog" players on the team. Guys that don't usually necessarily do it, but stepped up and helped out when it mattered. Guys like Adam Mair, Steve Montador, Mike Grier, Patrick Kaleta, etc. The "top 6" might as well have been on vacation starting from the beginning, because that's how (what was left of them) played. Couple things:

-Tyler Ennis and Nathan Gerbe: I love you both. You are both great. Please come to the Sabres for good and never leave us. You can bring Cody McCormick with you.

-Derek Roy, Toni Lydman, Tim Connolly and Raffi Torres: Don't be here when I get back.

-Ryan Miller: what else can we say bud? You gave us all you had, and that's all we can ask for. Everyone loves you, and yeah maybe Tuuka outplayed you, but you needed the help of the rest of the team, and you didn't get it as much as you should have. But you could do us a favor and stay in position more often. Thank you. See ya next year.

-Paul Gaustad: You better have a big, bright "C" on that jersey next year, that's all I'm saying. You are also to not be touched at all, you stay right here. Let Craig Rivet sit and cry it out when his "C" is taken away, he could use a burst of reality.

-PK and Tim Kennedy: you are both RFA's, and that's a lil bit scary, but I don't see either of you going anywhere. If anything, you both need a raise. You can take some of Tim Connolly's money if you want, it's cool.

-Tyler Myers: You are pretty damn great. You and Tallinder make a pretty awesome duo out there. Please be here for a long time, and try not to grow too much over the summer...haha.

-I'm not sure where Matt Ellis, Chris Butler and Raffi Torres went, but I guess it doesn't really matter too much.

-The rest of you are just, I dunno, I don't have much to say about you either way I guess.

So, it's a wrap for another season dudes. Disappointing yes, but we made some progress. Might not be enough to save some people's jobs, but that will all be worked out this summer (hopefully). It's just a little weird to think that the guys we saw all together on the ice tonight will probably not be the big family we see in October. So fill up on everything else, watch the NHL draft (like I decided to do in a Tully's a bunch of years ago when they were trying to draft some nobody named Patrick Kane...I dunno...), watch the NHL awards, see if Myers and Miller win those awards, and we'll all be back to this in a few months. I know I will be depressed sometime soon, just wondering when it will start to set in...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sabres vs. Bruins--Game 5

WE DID IT! Well, we won one game in the right direction, but I reserve the right to be excited! ha. It was a great game after all, and the Sabres showed that they can actually PLAY and aren't big stinky brats just skating around in circles.

Adam Mair's goal was just awesome to start it all off, and he was pumped about it. It's always good to see someone who doesn't score do it, and in the playoffs no less. Pominville's goal made me think that maybe he isn't the weakest in the top 6, but he still needs to keep up his work. He isn't on as low a level as Connolly at least.

The Gaustad pass to Grier to GOAL! was just awesome. Gaustad's "we just scored!" smile also makes the world look like it's full of sunshine and kittens and I love it a lot.

Tyler Ennis is the greatest and we are keeping him forever and ever and never letting go. His empty netter was probably only the 3rd of forever for the Sabres, and it was a very dramatic one complete with a dive. Very nice.

I still hate Chara by the way, and when you start stuff, don't think these guys will just sit back and take it. You throw Satan in there also, and you add an old Sabre thing, and it gets weird I guess. You even pissed off Miller, what have you done??!! (Maybe it's the eyebrows, yikes!) He came all the way out of the goal ready to kick ass. Lalime was even on the bench giving his two cents verbally. It pretty much consisted of Z&^^))&^%$%!! from what I could lip read. I wish I was better at lip reading, but I'm sure I can fill in the blanks quite well. Then after a little verbal abuse, and a player pileup to end the game, all the guys come out to celebrate and Patty Lalime shows off his killer dance moves again. I am always happy to see that, it's just awesome.

The place was pumped, all the people outside were pumped, and I'm just glad I get to see Sabres hockey for another game. I was getting down about it today, about how this might be the last Sabres game I see till sometime in Sept. or something, and I was just trying to stay positive that the guys could come out with a win. I want to see more of this, I want to see it for a lot longer too. The summer is just too long without it.

Now the guys head to Boston (ackk) and have to fight for their playoff lives there. I just hope that what they did today can be done again, twice actually. Come on, it's been done, you guys have it, let's do this! Game on!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sabres vs. Bruins--Game 4

Well, a loss in a 2nd overtime wasn't EXACTLY what I was expecting, but my pessimistic father foreshadowed some kind of loss for the Sabres. I think he might just be somewhat bitter after all these years, but I (try) to not count anything out until it is all said and done.

Now that game 4 IS said and done, I guess I can complain, but I will leave that to a minimum. The guys knew what they had to do, they started to, and then they let the lead fall from their grasp...again. I don't want to say we need our injured players back, because that can't solve anything completely, but it sure as hell can't hurt. Unless one of them put it past Miller on us (sorry Dan Boyle, I said I wouldn't bring it up again...). A couple things here:

Ryan Miller really seems to be putting his best effort in, but even he is slipping up here and there, along with the major slippage of the top men we have left. Tim Connolly checked out as soon as the playoffs started (even before that actually), Derek Roy is still trying to make pretty plays all by himself and wanting to be a star, and Jason Pominville is just ehhh at the moment.

The young guys, Ennis and Kennedy, continue to fuel this team, which should turn the heads of the "veteran" players to maybe work a little harder, but all it seems to be doing is letting them put all the work on the young guys instead. Geez. Kennedy and Ennis, you can stay on the team when everyone else is FIRED.

Steve Montador has been delivering hits and scored a goal tonight as well, along with Kennedy. I think he steps up when he needs to.

Cody McCormick was like the new little big toy, and it was good to see someone new out there to rough up the Bruins. He did make his name heard tonight in some ways, and it went pretty well on his part.

I won't go into all the flaws and what needs to happen, because I have been listening to so much WGR lately, I might just explode. I really do like Nick Mendola's powerplay show in the morning though. I listen every morning from 10-noon and I like his point of view and agree with a lot of what he has to say. I also like that he takes calls and takes the caller's opinion into account and doesn't just bash them right away, even if he doesn't agree with what they have to say. He had Marty Biron on his show this morning, and I also really like Marty Biron. Would you like to come back to Buffalo Marty? Maybe? You could, it's cool. hehe. I also just went googling, and found out Nick Mendola graduated from the same high school I did 2 years before me. Weirdddd. I also like Marty Biron's cute accent, I can't help it. He seems like a really cool dude.

So that's that. The guys come back to Buffalo Friday and well, we all know what they have to do. Oh boy. Game on!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sabres vs. Bruins--Game 3

I thought I was frustrated at the last game, but this one tops that for sure. Our one little goal by Mike Grier could have been enough if these guys cared enough to want to keep a lead, or win for that matter. I really think that heart is just not in it for these guys, the way they looked out there was just pathetic. The first period may have been more of a back and forth, but after that, it was like they all checked out mentally for this game. I thought I was watching Timbits players out there or something, guys falling all over, guys getting checked, just overall blah. It makes Boston look like they can take us over physically and the Sabres are like little frail men or something. NEWS: YOU AREN'T! You are big strong men like them! I mean, there were hits all over the place, but the ones that were big and rattled guys all the way through were thrown by Boston. That Johnny Boychuk hit on Matt Ellis was just horrible, I was afraid Ellis wouldn't get back up. It seems like there should have been some kind of penalty on it, but what can you do when a guy is looking down and not at what's coming at him? Nothing really. Tell that guy to watch himself next time. It sucks, but it's hockey 101.

Rask was just right on his game and has been. He is very calm in the net, and even with 3 or 4 guys crowding or getting in there with him, he keeps it all under control. That helps a lot in these high pressure situations when every game is on the line. Miller can have just as much, but he sometimes doesn't get the support in front of the net he needs. There were always a bunch of Boston guys in front of Rask, guarding him, and they didn't leave Buffalo any room to score. If only our guys could give Miller that, it would help out a lot. A whole, whole lot really.

Random notes:

-Even after our loss tonight, no one team (or guy) can feel worse today than Dan Boyle and the San Jose Sharks. Yikes, that was just bad. I feel awful for that guy. I didn't know it was an OT goal too, damn. He will have trouble living that one down for sure. How horrible. :(

-Stafford came back tonight, and Vanek is in some kind of walking cast from what I heard. I don't know how soon that means he will be back, but hopefully it will be soon.

-Gaustad was fiesty tonight, he wanted to get in some guy's faces, Chara included. Him and that stupid cage over his face. He needs to get rid of that thing and let Gaustad just give him one right in the face. I mean, someone did it in the first place. Besides, seeing Paul do it would be so cool. I also see Gaustad's "A" is back, which I like. I still think he should be wearing Craig Rivet's "C", but maybe that's just me...

So, the series is now 2-1 in favor of Boston. We play another game in Boston Wed., before returning to Buffalo for a game Friday. Please win the next one guys, it would be good for the series to be tied. It would be even better to win this series and be done with the Bruins for good wouldn't it? Game on!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sabres vs. Bruins--Game 2

As an after thought, I am frustrated at this game. I know it's so early, but I guess that's what happens when you amp yourself up for something great and it turns out...less than great.

It started off innocent enough. NBC wet their collective pants over Ryan Miller and Tyler Myers (in true national network fashion, the rest of us Buffaloians are used to it all pretty much...haha). Ryan Miller played in the olympics and was awesome. Tyler Myers is young, tall and also awesome, but we all know that already. Let's get on with this hmmm?

Matt Ellis scored a goal, which I'm sure made him feel pretty damn awesome, seeing as his are pretty few and far in between. Pominville scored after my dad yelled at him through the tv for about 15 mins. straight (he probably did it just to shut him up...haha), and Tyler Myers scored and did a cute little jump for joy. Then that big idiot Chara (mature, I know) must have gotten all mad about something and scored twice at some point, and before we know it, we are down by one (these are all out of order, I realize this, ha). We were leading going into the 2nd, which is usually always a sign of a win, but not today. We were one upped in the 3rd until the very last minutes, when an empty net was scored and we end up losing by 2, therefore breaking our leading in the 2nd record. What a downer.

The whole thing with Thomas Vanek just made me so frustrated and sad. It's like, how much more in the injury dept. can this team take? We already have two forwards out, and now a third. I don't know if he will play Monday, as no details are available other than it's a lower body injury. It looked like it hurt like hell is all I can say. WGR was saying that if Drew Stafford is ready Monday, he can go in if needed, but who knows at this point. According to my father, Nathan Gerbe can not be called back up because he was just sent back, and there is a time period to wait or something, so I don't know. Random notes:

-I didn't even know/notice Tim Connolly was playing today. I don't know what his problem is lately, but he needs to step up, especially if Vanek ends up out for awhile.

-Tim Kennedy has been kicking ass lately, setting up plays, getting all over the place, just doing everything he needs to and being a great team player in general. For not playing in the NHL that long, he is doing an amazing job.

-NBC seemed to get some lovely scenic shots of Buffalo for the game today, it was pretty cool.

-There was an NHL/some car company commercial with Pat LaFontaine in it and I almost jumped for joy, it was so awesome. I wasn't paying close attention to the people in the commercial until I saw him put a jersey on with his name on the back and I yelled to my dad. It was so cool to see him, it made me want him to just come back on our team and play, I don't care how old he is. If Mark Recchi and Chris Chelios can do it, he can too, he is right in the middle of the two in age. Think about it Patty huh? hehe.

So, game 3 goes to Boston, and we just keep going along. Hopefully Vanek will be able to play, because we really need him and he just came off injury, so I'm sure he is just as bummed out about this as the fans and the rest of the team are. Here's sending get well wishes your way Tommy! Game on!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sabres vs. Bruins--Game 1

Wow. That game was just full of a lot of action I will say, and not even that much scoring action. Just more hits, checks, fighting, etc. These two teams are fired up to play each other, and for the playoffs in general. Going in, first game of the first series would have a lot of energy of course, and the hometown fans brought down the house too, which amps everyone up even more. It was a battle ground out there for a lot of the game, everybody wanted to get into it tonight, it was crazy.

Thomas Vanek, well, I was wrong about him I guess. I mean, yeah, for the better part of the season he was just ehhh, average. He wasn't doing anything special, and scoring at a pretty slow pace, nothing outstanding. Not like seasons prior when he was ending with 40 goals and upwards. After he was out for his injury and came back, he's been like a whole new player, it's amazing. He is delivering night after night, and we can always use that.

Craig Rivet also scored, which was more of a "WHOA" moment for me, but hey, playoffs are as good a time as any for players who don't usually produce to show that they can. His goal helped us keep the one goal lead that gave us the game as well. Yay for you captain!

I do not like Zdeno Chara, not at all. So what if you are freakishly tall? So is Tyler Myers. Not as tall as you, but geez, who is? Patrick Kaleta will stomp on your face, don't think he won't. He'll just have to pull you down to his level first, that's all. That Bruins coach has a lot of nerve to say he isn't afraid of Chara having to go face to face with Kaleta. I would be, the dude is a beast. I mean, he BLEEDS and SMILES during it. What is THAT??? You have a big stupid cage on your broken nose. You aren't that tough. If he didn't have that cast on this hand, he would have probably broken it again for you. So hmmpfff.

Ryan Miller was awesome, and it was kind of funny to watch him stand at the podium for the post-game press conference. He looked so tiny in that big hoodie, and also looked a little bit scared to be put in front of that firing squad of press. Not that he doesn't do it in the locker room, but it was just a weird new atmosphere. Rask and Miller are pretty much head to head in stats and all that, but Miller came out on top tonight. Random notes:

-The party in the plaza people are crazy. I was watching the news station broadcast from down there, and everyone wants to be on tv...haha.

-I don't really know why Chris Butler was scratched, and I really don't care.

-The playoff video at the beginning of the game was awesome and I love it. I hope they show it all the time.

-My dad gets really nervous during playoffs and sits on the edge of his chair, then yells at the tv, sits back, then returns to the edge of his chair....haha.

-If these guys are going to have playoff beards they better get to it. I mean, I know they just started, but I saw video of Drew Stafford at practice, and his is pretty damn full already. Come on guys!

Game 1 down, next game on Saturday at 1 (ehh) on NBC. I don't know if I will be able to watch any of it on tv, but if not, I will at least be able to hear it on the radio. Better than nothing I guess. Game on!!

It starts...

I had a bunch of stuff written out a couple hours ago, but my computer went nutzo, so now I am back to square one. I hate technology sometimes...grrr.

Anyway, with the awesome help of the internet, I compiled a list of the Sabres playoff progress all the way back to the team beginning. I would have just asked my dad some things, but I know even the biggest hockey fan can't remember all that over the span of 40 years. Hell, I was born 14 years after the team started, so of course I can't know all of it, so I needed some help in that area.

Looking back can't really give you a picture of any type of outcome when it comes to the playoffs. Team dynamics change year to year, players come and go, there are trades, rookies, coaching changes, etc. But maybe it can give us a look into what the weaknesses and strengths were. Now I guess I can see why some people did not want us to play Philly in the first round because it seemed "boring", because we can and have easily beat them. The playoffs are a whole new playing field though, it's like starting fresh.

I remember hearing stories of the infamous fog game complete with a bat and a loss to the Flyers for the Stanley Cup. We also all remember 1999 and all that came with it, and I'm sure people have good memories to also go with the bad ones, but I'm sure a lot of people try not to dwell on that. I know I do.

So with all the playoff memories that have come and gone for this team, it's time for a whole new set. This team has a whole set of things to get them going in the right direction to win. It's just sometimes a matter of if they decide to use them. If they can put their heart and soul in it as well as their grit and talent to get the job done. We still have some injuries, as reported that Jochen Hecht will be out for quite awhile, and I don't think Drew Stafford will play tonight either, but Tim Connolly is set to return.

I also found this bit of info on and found it interesting:

and of course this man would know. So we shall see what happens for our team here. I know for certain that there is no lack of backing from the fans, the fans are completely into it this year. Now after a full season of thinking and writing and speculating, it's time for the team to get out there and all we can do is sit back and watch. Game on!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last regular season game: Sabres vs. NJ Devils

So we didn't get into 2nd place in the conference, but that is all just kind of back burner stuff to me. We won't have to worry about round 2 home ice anyway until some time down the line (if at all) so it was just a numbers game in that context. The BIG picture is that we have to play Boston in round 1. BOSTON. Now, to some that might not seem so bad, at least it isn't Ottawa blah blah and not as entertaining as it would have been to play Philly, but whoa does Tuukka Rask scare me. If it was Tim Thomas in net, it might not be too bad, but I don't think it will be him most of the time. That doesn't seem right does it? But it is. The Sabres just don't seem to be able to get ANYTHING past Rask, so this will be tough. I'm scared already.

Tonight's game was just pretty uneventful up until the weird ending and the weird empty net goal by New Jersey. Thomas Vanek got our one lone goal, and then they scored one lone goal, and the rest was just skating back and forth for the rest of the 60 mins. Who was that guy in net for us though? Patty Lalime, is that you??! Wow, he was really ON tonight, and it was pretty great. If we get a backup playing like that going into the playoffs Ryan Miller can sleep a little easier, as can the fans on if it comes to having to put Lalime in at all. He needs to play like that all the time. Random notes:

-Who told Martin Brouduer he could hit Paul Gaustad in the head? Not cool. He didn't intentionally fall into you or into the goal or whatever you might have thought. You were having more of a diva moment than Ryan Miller would. Get over it.

-Patrick Kaleta is back! Less feisty-ness seeing as the thumb is still wrapped up tight, but at least he's playing and I'm sure he'll get back to 100% soon and be kicking full-time ass before we know it.

-No Tim Connolly, Drew Stafford or Jochen Hecht tonight, and these injuries can be very costly going into the playoffs. I think too many people called Connolly "finally healthy" early in the season and jinxed it, because now he isn't. We shall see what the beginning of the playoffs bring and if the injuries can be cleared up soon.

-I hope Thomas Vanek can keep this hot streak going and kick some Bruins ass and just keep the pucks going right in. Feel free to have another hat trick (or 4) at any time Thomas, it's cool.

Playoff time guys, can you believe it?? I can't really, it seems like the season went by so fast. The schedule for times and days has yet to be released, but I heard the first game would be Wed. or Thurs. and Versus will start playoff games on Wed., so we shall see when we see our first game in Buffalo. Time to get pumped, this is what we've all waited for! Game on!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thomas Vanek??!!!

Holy hell, did Vanek have all this pent up awesomeness stored and he just couldn't wait to unleash it tonight? Because that's what seemed to have happened. A hat trick plus another goal is pretty damn awesome, seeing as the fans were beginning to think this team may never beat Ottawa ever again. Maybe you need to go out injured more often Vanek if you will come back and do stuff like that...haha. Awesome job dude!

Derek Roy also got a goal, and has given $26,000 to juvenile diabetes this year, which is also awesome.

I didn't get home to see the game until sometime after the 2nd had started, but had heard in the car they were up 2-0, and I knew that would happen. They are brats when I don't watch, so I think maybe I will watch NONE of the playoff games and maybe they will make it all the way to the cup! hehe. I did see a replay of the gnarly (not good gnarly) hit Drew Stafford took, which will have him out of the lineup for who knows how long. Him and Kaleta man, they are young guys, but get injured a lot. I guess that goes without saying in the NHL though, it's really physical and guys get injured all the time. Sucks to have a lot of injured players right before the playoffs though. Get better soon, all of you!

Random notes:

-Daniel Alfredsson played his 1,002 NHL career game tonight. That is a lot of damn games. My mom was baffled at trying to figure out how old this man was and how long he has been playing. From what I have learned, he is 37 and has been in the NHL since 1995. So that gives you a little look into how the timeline went for that. Awesome for him though, the arena even gave out t-shirts. Geez Sabres, get a little clue with that one huh?

-Tomorrow NY Rangers and Philly play for their little playoff lives. Who do I want to win? I don't really know. I can't help but hate Philly with a passion, but my fiancé probably wouldn't want to know that, so I will keep this under wraps. I will secretly hope for a Rangers win though. My fiancé likes baseball more than hockey anyway so, for the record, GO PHILLIES!!! :D

We just need to win tomorrow Sabres to get into that nice little 2nd place spot (because 1st waved bye bye to everyone a long time ago) and then it's done for the regular season. Zach Parise is cool and all, but we also have a U.S. Olympian, and he was even more awesome at the Olympics, so come on, you can do this! Game on!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


So tonight was...not good, to say the least. The one goal by Derek Roy was all we got, and for awhile it seemed really promising, not out of reach really. Then it went downhill, and fast.

I don't really want to talk about Patrick Lalime and the fact that goals from the point seem to go in a lot, goals from numerous amounts of feet that just shouldn't, etc. We saw it, we get it. I don't know whether to try to defend him anymore, or just be really frustrated. The rest of the team should have helped him some more yes, but it's sad when I know he's going to be in goal I already want to call it a loss. It's sad when it turns out that way most of the time too.

The Sabres signed a 19 year old named Luke Adam today. Don't know much about him, but he's a pretty big kid, which is good. He'll finish the season in Portland and start with the Sabres next season. Hmmmm, wonder how that will turn out, sounds promising though.

Not much else to say tonight, we pretty much just helped Boston keep their playoff dreams alive, and got nothing in the process. Blahhh. 100 points would look pretty spiffy too dammit. Oh well, maybe on Saturday? Yikes, who knows about that one. Maybe Sunday then...haha. Game on!!

Sabres vs. NY Rangers

I totally forgot I didn't blog about this game until about 5 mins. ago. I'm also sick, so that isn't helping my brain either at this point. I also tend to forget minor details I want to add to my entries as days pass, so who knows about this one, let's just roll with it...

We are now Northeast Division champs! Unfortunately, to a hockey fan like my dad (bitter, been there since the beginning, isn't fond of most things, wants a cup here badly but has given up almost all hope, etc.) it is just a banner to hang in the arena and not much else. Like I have read, if we were in the western conference, we would be put out to dry, being only in about 6th place, and probably lead no division what so ever. I however, still have quite a bit of optimism to go around, so we shall see where that takes me. Until then, enjoy those hats and t-shirts dudes, you earned them.

Drew Stafford decided to show up to this one, but I dunno, it would seem he will have to show up to a lot more as we end this season and get into the playoffs, or the bench might be his new best friend. For now, we can say he is making a semi-decent effort, and hopefully he can keep it up.

Tyler Ennis continues to kick butt and make it kind of ok that we are down two top line guys. From word today, Mark Mancari was also called back up, so the trio is back together again. We'll see what that does for us tonight and for how long we'll have them here.

Toni Lydman?? Holy whoa, another goal?? My goodness, who are YOU trying to impress? Nice job bud! For now, you may drive me just a little bit less nuts (but things change easily).

There were more goals, more action (that Miller save? oh my! I might have been paying just a little bit more attention to an ice cream cone at the moment, and a little bit less to what happened, shame on me).

Guys came out, raised their sticks, and the place went bananas, and that ends the regular season at home. A couple more random notes:

-Rangers fan behind us was hilarious. When NY would score, he would be the only one in the section standing and cheering so loud, while the rest of the section just kind of looked at him. He also only kinda, sorta knew his Sabres facts, but I guess what can you expect from a Rangers fan? I also loved when they announced the game sponsors, and one was of course Yancey's Fancy, and he goes on to yell "CHEESE!!" haha, niceee.

-Sabretooth is still great. I could go to 1,000 games and never get sick of him. In my opinion, he is the best mascot in the league. He is just so much fun.

-When the Rangers pulled Henrik Lundqvist, it was to me like "what for?" I didn't think he was doing all that bad, and the back-up still let in two more after that. Didn't stop Henrik from having a goalie meltdown/temper tantrum though. It's ok Hank, I'm sure NY still loves you.

-Fan appreciation night at HSBC was less than stellar. Where was the free stuff? Sending down those damn Tim Hortons cups does not count, I don't even like coffee! I also don't want tickets to Black Eyed Peas or WWE. Ehhhh, I would have rather had a water bottle with Sabretooth on it or something. Try to figure out something cooler for next year huh?

-On top of the three guys that have been out of the lineup, we were missing Craig Rivet on Tues. to some kind of flu like symptoms (geez, maybe the Sabres gave me this sickness I have) also Patrick Lalime is under the weather, as was reported today. To add more to this, Jhonas Enroth has an ankle injury of some kind, so we may be without any type of backup. Rivet should be back for tonight, but unless he is awesome at also being a goaltender (doubtful) this could be a little bit messy. Geez people, you all need to get better soon, that includes you Robi! I saw you at the game with your neckbrace and all that and almost cried. You will all be going to Absolut Care if you can't get back on track! My goodness...

So that's that. Regular season almost over, but still three games at hand, all on the road. We play Boston tonight, and then Ottawa (HELP!) on Saturday. Maybe it's better I will miss most of Saturday's game, because I don't know if I can take anymore of that. Then again, the Sabres just LOVE to be all good and win when I can't watch because they are brats, so we'll see how it goes. Game on!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sabres vs. A team way better than them (the Canadiens)

I don't even know what this was tonight. It was not a hockey game I can say that. Maybe one team was playing hockey, but the other team was doing something far from it. It was really painful to watch to be honest.

Teams have off nights, this is true. The Sabres have had two off nights in a row. Also by off, I mean WAYYY off, like I could have watched high school hockey being played and not known the difference. Ouch much boys? Well, you all deserve it.

Let's break down a few things:

-Connolly and Vanek are not there, that is well known. Butttt, just a few mere games ago this was all ok, more than ok at that point actually. We had fresh new talent from the minors up here and it was going well. Well, there are reasons those boys are still in the minors, maybe it has something to do with inconsistency. But then again, our own top 6 has problems with that, and they are full fledged NHL'ers and have been for years now. So now what do we say hmmm? Yeah, who knows.

-Tyler Myers is NOT going to be a perfect hockey player all the time, no matter what anyone wants to think, same for Ryan Miller. Now, that isn't trying to make excuses, but you can blame a few, and then you can blame the whole team, and tonight that whole team was to blame for that.

-More stupid penalties like for delay of game (this one still gets me every damn time) and slashing are just nuts, no need boys, now come onnn.

-The fact that those Canadiens stayed on the Sabres like glue didn't help. No breathing room huh boys? That's what they wanted. Everytime you turned around, stumbled, fell over yourself (or a goalie) and they were there. Got you a little irritated too hmmm? Which all boiled down to that thing at the end with Gaustad, Montador, and wayyy too many Montreal guys for Gaustad to take on by himself. I'm sure he used enough profanity tonight to make a sailor blush, and rightfully so. I think I did the same.

This all boiled down to no goals from the Sabres, and Jaroslav Halak getting his 2nd shutout in a row. Boy Buffalo, way to make them feel special.

Random notes:

-Brian Gionta is from Rochester and his hockey idol is Pat LaFontaine. He was also the shortest NHLer at 5'7" until Nathan Gerbe came in at 5'5". Why do I know this? I don't know. Last time I checked, Gionta was a NJ Devil. Last, LAST time I checked, he was a Montreal Canadien. Ok then.

-Too bad PK wasn't playing tonight so we could get a reprise on the "f'n geek" situation with Dominic Moore. Maybe that's why Moore played so well tonight, no one making fun of him and hurting his little geek feelings. Who knows.

-Toni Lydman continues his role of making me nuts, but I could add a lot more to the list tonight. He is quite high on it though.

Tuesday we take on the NY Rangers for the last regular home game of the season. I want to get tickets, but then again, DO I? I mean, the Sabres have won 5 of the 7 games I have attended this season, which is pretty good, so maybe I should be there. I would like to be I guess. We'll see what happens with that. Until then, shape up or ship out dudes, I mean it. Game on!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paul Gaustad is a faceoff wizard.

He also got Lexus leader because of it. He is ranked 5th overall in the NHL in faceoffs won, and he won almost all of them tonight. Man was on fire tonight, and it was quite awesome. He can also grow facial hair faster than Tim Kennedy can get that thing above his lip to grow that looks like a chocolate milk moustache. Awesome!

Derek Roy scored, as did Steve Montador, but that's where it stops. We tied it up twice, but never led, and the game just might have been a confidence thing. Getting too cocky to the point "how could we NOT beat these crappy Leafs?" ughh, yeah, didn't happen.

A lot of scrambling around, guys couldn't get their feet moving, and Miller seemed to be out of it for a bit of it. Toronto just looked really strong tonight too, they didn't let Buffalo get puck possesion for most of the game, and well, that lead to the win for them for the most part. Empty net goals do not help either. Penalties galore also do not help. Someone was in that box for most of the 2nd and 3rd periods, and they were pretty much useless ones. Ackk.

Random notes:

-Chris Butler was a healthy scratch tonight. Haha, finally someone took into account that he is awful. The +/- doesn't lie people.

-It was kind of scary to see Myers almost get into some kind of fight. We need him very much, no need to try to hurt him, please leave him alone thanks.

-What was that Carubba Collision? Two trucks or some crap? Oh geez PK, come back already. Tape up that thumb and let's roll...haha.

Ok, so we did not win this one. It was kind of crappy to watch and most of the fans I'm sure are just ehhhh about this. It is a known fact that the Sabres often have inconsistency problems. It is something that could hurt them in the playoffs because there is no "next game we will do better". Once the games are lost, it's done for good. Come on guys, a loss to a team like this just should not have happened. Maybe it was back to back games to blame, travel, being tired, who knows what Lindy, the players, etc, could come up with. Someone like Gaustad will say something like "there are no excuses" or "it's unexceptable", because he is right on both accounts it would seem. It's on to Montreal next, and they are not as crappy as Toronto was supposed to potentially be. Let's get it done hmmm? Game on!!

Sabres vs. Florida Panthers

Jason Pominville! You have been so great lately! It makes me feel (just a little) bad that I was so mean to you. You are now leading the team with 24 goals and got that hat trick a few days back and all that other good stuff. I won't complain about you again (at least not for awhile).

Nathan Gerbe also scored, as did Tyler Ennis. Mark Mancari was sent back to Portland, so he did not play in this game. Ennis and Gerbe are really showing what they can do up here though, and it is helping the team out a lot with Connolly and Vanek still out until who knows when. Good job boys!

Also goals by Kennedy, Mair, and Tallinder. Wow Henrik, niceeee. Kennedy has also been stepping up as of late. He started the season off strong, went into somewhat of a rut, but now seems to be doing better. Line problems seem to be to blame, just needs to be up there with the big guys helping out, because he is capable of it and can produce.

Raffi Torres came back and got three assists. Geez, I guess he wanted to show he was still on the team. Sad thing is I didn't even know or remember he was gone for most of the time he was out for his injury. Oops.

Random notes:

-Teppo Numminen was at the game! I saw him on the jumbotron and I was all ooooohh, but it seemed a lot of the arena didn't even realize or something. Hello people, he did play for us, are you all dead in here? Cheer for the man, cripes. It made me happy at least.

-I got one of those playoff shirts from the Sabres store before the game. I got the we want a cup in Buffalo one. There were a lot of cool ones, kinda hard to choose.

-The man sitting next to me at the game was fullll of questions, and I guess he decided I seemed like the person to ask. Including "who is number 63?, where did he come from? who is injured? what is the injury? who just scored?" and the list goes on. I wanted to hand him a sports section....haha. But, I knew all the answers (wooo!) and I guess I really didn't mind that I got to be the person asked. It was just funny to me.

Great game all in all, didn't know it would prelude to tonight (which will be discussed in a short, ergh, separate entry) and we keep on trucking along for the remainder of the season. Game on!!