Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer was long, wasn't it?

Yeah it was, and as a hockey fan, it can be the worst season of the whole year. Fear not though, training camps are happening and the Sabres have their first pre-season game tomorrow night!! They will be in the newly named First Niagara Center (ew), and it is vs. the Carolina Hurricanes. I would LOVE to be going, but I am working so yeah, not happening. I have neglected my poor little blog pretty much all summer and I apologize, but now I am back. Time to get back into hockey and yayayayayayy I am excited. I am hoping to get tickets somehow to Saturday's game vs. Toronto, and not too long after that the boys start the season in Europe with two games over there, before coming home to start the season here sometime in mid-October.

I feel like I haven't seen Sabres hockey in years, and I can not wait to see the new things done at the arena (haha yeah it will be that forever bye) and see some new faces on the team and just see them play in general.

Time to dust off the jerseys (but I never actually let mine get dusty, are you crazy?) and go back downtown for a whole new season of Sabres hockey in Buffalo. Game on!