Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sabres vs. Florida Panthers

Let's recap:

Sabres are doing extremely well right now, winning like nobody's business (except for the whole losing the home opener thing, but I guess we can forgive that) and things are looking pretty sweet.

Ryan Miller got one, of what I'm assuming will be many, shutouts. I love those.

Paul Gaustad made Matt Bradley's face look like he was trick-or-treating early...awesome huh?

Thomas Vanek is scoring like all kinds of crazy and it's cool and I'm not mad at him at this moment.

I still wish they were winning all these games at home instead of on the road, but who cares, wins are wins.

I see Timmy Kennedy is in the sunshine state and still looks depressed. I saw him and was like "TIMMYYY!" and realized I kind of missed him. I miss only one Tim from this team, that's for sure. He wears number 8 now instead of the unlucky 13 he did here. Good for him.

I need to update this thing more.

That is all.