Thursday, October 28, 2010

I don't want to talk about it.

Ok, maybe a little.

I'm sure one day we will win again, but at this moment it seems like it's far off in the distance, or maybe everyone on the team lost their mind, thought it was opposite day, and thought it was really cool to just lose and look really bad while doing so.

I don't even want to go into it about Darcy Regier, because my dad tells me an ear full everyday about how he feels, and I'm starting to agree with him about a lot of things regarding him. Blah.

It is still early yeah, but a lot of teams would believe that there is no good reason to lose a game ever, regardless of if it's game 1 or game 63, you just have to go out there and give it your all, and I really believe more than half the team is just NOT at this point. I don't really think a lot of the movement done over the summer was to any great advantage, but only time will tell if all that clicks eventually. It seems the defense was quite shaken, and now just seems Some people who should have been traded away weren't, some that should have stayed left, and now it's just taking longer for it all to click it seems.

We have a couple of away games coming up, but it doesn't really matter because we seem to being sucking majorly at home, so staying on the road isn't really too bad right now. Back in Atlanta tomorrow, and hopefully that will be just as easy to win as last time. I just could not believe the crappy attendance in Atlanta, it seems really sad. I know they wouldn't be classified as a "hockey town" by any means, but geez, there were almost whole sections that looked more than half empty. Just need to fill it with more Sabres fans I guess. haha.

Now come on guys, someone give a pep talk, someone give an ass kicking, DO SOMETHING! SOMEONE GET YOU GUYS IN GEAR, YOU'RE KILLIN' US! PLEASE? Thank you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We won???!!

Yeah, it finally happened, it had to eventually...haha. The Thrashers really aren't that good to begin with, but I thought all the ex-hawks would have put up a little bit more of a fight tonight. The arena just looked pathetic, I don't know if I would be happy or sad about that. On one hand, you could go to a game for probably pretty cheap and not have a ton of people around you all packed in and have some nice space. Butttt, there probably isn't a lot of energy in that arena, seeing as there is hardly anyone there. Pros and cons people.

Thomas Vanek got his first goal of the season! Woo! I don't know why it was so much put upon him to get a goal, I guess cause he's one of the top forwards, but so is Connolly and he does NOTHING half the time, so yeahhh. He seemed relieved about it, and I'm sure this will shut some people up, for a little bit at least. There was also a nice goal by Cody McCormick and Tyler Ennis and I think also one from Tyler Myers, so it was a good night for a lot of guys.

Not so much for Steve Montador who was pushed around, hit in the face, bled somewhat, etc. Geez. I don't know if they had it out for him or what, but yikes. He took it all like a trooper though.

I was also glad to see Kev Slyvester interview Jason Pominville in the intermission. He looks really good and is getting better and will hopefully be back in the line-up soon. They were like "let's replay the video from that night" I'm like oh whyyy are we doing this? It makes me so creeped out every time, and just seeing him on that stretcher makes me nervous. No need to replay the video a million times thanks.

So next game is back home vs. Ottawa. Oh boy. I think we may need to prepare for this one, as we may very well get our asses handed to us, we shall see. We beat them once, but I still think that was a fluke...haha. Hopefully we can keep winning for awhile longer, it feels nice. Game on!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let's back this up a bit shall we?

So, I'm going to go back a little bit here and go over the game I went to which was Sabres vs. Blackhawks on Oct. 11th. It was the first game I went to this season excluding the Toronto pre-season game (which as it turns out, was a lot better then any other game that has been played so far), because I did not attend the home opener. Not like it matters, we have lost all of them at home. I don't really know what's going on. -shrug-

In true creep fashion, I wore a Jonathan Toews shirt to HSBC (yeah, you can yell at me later, I love the man, whaddya want?) and yeah, maybe it was a bad omen. Not only did we NOT win, but I was almost in tears at the whole Pominville thing. I have never seen anything like that happen at a game I was actually in attendance for, and it scared the living crap out of me. Then I felt bad wearing the other teams colors, then it was all downhill for me from there. There were a ton of Blackhawks fans in attendance as it was, which was kind of weird, and then Patrick Kane scored a goal on top of it. I was waiting for Patrick Kaleta to come out of somewhere, anywhere, and kill him right then and there. Oh boy. My dad was just pissed off we lost again, and I was just kind of shaken up by the whole thing, and pissed that Pominville's streak of consecutive games was taken away. Non-intentional and all, doesn't matter, he won't be able to get that back. Total bummer if you ask me.

I do however like the new video opening on the jumbotron for the 40th anniversary, it makes me all smiley and just...yeah, I really like it. Makes me cheese out like crazy and I love it, sue me. Going back over all the decades is really cool and I'm sure has a nostalgic feel for a lot of fans.

So let's go over this:

-Pre-season was pretty ok, not too bad.

-Regular season has been eh, won against Ottawa (which was WEIRD) and have lost since (which would also be really weird seeing as we may never win again???!)

-People that did eh last year are still doing eh, while some are a lot better, while some who were pretty good are doing eh.

-Still too early to say really, I'm sure things will pick up soon, but of course we are all antsy and want to win just one to make sure it can still happen. We also want to make sure that this team isn't full of hockey game losing zombies.

-Jason Pominville being out has put Nathan Gerbe back in the lineup for sure which is awesome, but Shaone Morrisonn being out with a groin injury has also but Chris Butler back in the lineup. Pros and cons people, you figure out which is which.

Ok, guess that's it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sabres vs. Blackhawks in Chicago

Ok, well despite the fact we lost, AGAIN (ughh much?), this game was somewhat better than the last couple. They were trying really hard, and they got ahead for most of the game, then it just slipped away enough for them to not be able to get it back.

I still feel like sometimes Patrick Lalime is way under prepared to handle things. Maybe he will play more this year, but he did pretty well in goal tonight. Everyone knew Miller would need a night off at some point, and so there it was. It's not like we lost 8-2 or something, but it was still a loss. It'll get better Patty, don't worry, I still have faith in you.

Cody McCormick was a beast out there and I love it. He scored his first goal as a Sabre and was just generally up in everybody's business tonight. Between him and Gaustad, there was enough fiestyness for everyone.

Speaking of Mr. Gaustad, nice goal tonight man, I like it. His 53rd of his career, and his little hug celebration with Gerbe was just too cute to ignore. Too awesome to ignore was his flat out "f you!" to Brent Seabrook at the end of the game when a couple guys got into it. That was too classic and made me laugh. If I needed a reminder why he's my favorite player (I didn't though) that would be it. haha.

Drew Stafford is still out there kickin' butt and I'm glad for him. It will get complainers off his back and put the complainers back in their place, because come on, there are other top guys on this team to blame for things. I won't name names, we all know who they are....dodododo.

The effort fell short tonight a little and we had to hear "Chelsea Dagger" too many damn times, but it will get better, I have to believe that for my own sanity. We don't play again until Wednesday in Atlanta, so maybe some more practices will have the guys looking even better and we can win one maybe? Sometime soon would be good. Just one guys, for us, come on. Game on!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Will we ever win again?

This will just be a short entry to get some things down, and I will go back and recap some other things over the weekend maybe, because I did go to the Blackhawks game and all that, but yeah. I'm not sure if we will ever win again, so yeah, wow. A couple things:

I see at times they are trying, I mean really trying to do something out there. Stafford is putting in more energy and effort in the last couple games then he did all last season it seems, good to see him come back like that.

Tyler Ennis is just being his fast little self and trying to set things up, as is Nathan Gerbe. I'm glad Gerbe is getting to play because I think he is really good, he's fast, and his height has nothing on the fact he will go in and try to kick ass. Derek Roy is also doing extremely well, the most goals in the NHL eh? Nice Roy, nice.

Guys we could do without at this point: Connolly, Butler and probably Sekera. Connolly is just EHHHH all the time to me anyway, and I don't know why Butler is still on the team to be honest. If Morrisonn wouldn't have gotten injured he would still have his butt on the bench, so...yeah.

The whole goal drought thing to me was crazy, 118 some mins. without a goal, really guys, REALLY?? At least Roy got one, so we don't look like complete losers. Oh boy.

But, as it is the Toronto Maple Leafs are the top team in the league as it stands, so maybe hell is about to freeze over or more likely it's too early for anything really major to happen. Not time to panic, but it's as good a time as any to start complaining in true Buffalo style.

Because hey, the Sabres are better than the Bills....right?!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recaps galore!

So I never got a chance to write about any of the pre-season games it seems, shame on me. I went to the game vs. Toronto last Saturday, and I have to be honest, it was so awesome just to be back at a game again. The energy level wasn't the highest in the arena, but hey, people were still up on their feet and stuff, even though it's usually a lot of kids dancing around and stuff...haha. We won, and it was great being back in HSBC and knowing the regular season is just around the corner, what we've all been waiting for! Yeahhh.

Now I have to talk about this because it irked me pretty badly the other day. It was actually said by some friend of a friend on facebook whom I do not know, but it still pissed me off. Something to the extent of Gerbe and Ennis being too small and not powerful enough to play for the Sabres and how they will just get thrown around out there.

OK OK WAIT WHOA, BACK THE ZAMBONI UP HERE DUDE. 1st off, I don't think either one of them back down from anything. I've seen Gerbe, all 5 foot somethin of him, go out there and get right in guys faces, he is pretty fearless it would seem. They are both also very fast, where some of the bigger guys might not be as fast. They are both very skilled also, a lot of talk this year has been about the two of them and how they will benefit the team a lot with how hard they work also. They could both also probably take the joker who said it, so yeah, I laughed pretty hard when I read that. Guy obviously isn't paying too much attention to them, too bad for him.

Most of the games have been blacked out in the area, except for the (yawn inducing) Hockeyville game. It was so damn boring, geez. I know some people feel pre-season hockey in general is, but I have been seeing some pretty hard hitting games from other teams, so that is not always the case. I have just been listening to WGR, too lazy to find streams on the internet or whatever. I'm just glad pre-season is wrapping up and we can say that the regular season is less than a week away, woooo. I have tickets to the Sabres vs. Blackhawks game on the 11th (kickass!) and I was kind of bummed I couldn't get tickets for the home opener also. Oh well, the Chicago game was my main goal for the beginning of the season, then I will work from there with what other games to get tickets for.

Tonight we play against Philly back at home (not in the awesome newly named Wells Fargo Center...hahahahaha) and we might lose. Oh well, doesn't count, but it gives you an idea of how well you have to play against the -almost- Stanley Cup champions. Now it is time to break out my old school radio (whoa) and listen. Game on!!