Monday, January 2, 2012

MSG and Time Warner better get their acts together...and quick

because not seeing Sabres games is pretty shitty, and options are limited for a lot of people it would seem. Yeah you can go to a sports bar, or maybe a friend's house who has Direct TV or something, but come on. It's winter in Buffalo, a lot of people don't even want to leave the house, I know I don't. Get home, eat dinner and watch the Sabres game...too much to ask? Seems like it. MSG can take their 53% increase and shove it, and Time Warner can stop being cheap asses and shove it also, this is not fair. All the black out restrictions along with it on Center Ice and all that is also ridiculous. Listening on the radio it is. UGH.

In other hockey related news, the Winter Classic was today from Citizens Bank Park in Philly. I am not a fan of either team really, but it was a good game and it seemed like the weather was pretty good for the people that went. I still think the Buffalo one was the best (even though we didn't win), it still started it all off again, and it was just...magical. Haha, sounds lame, but it was.

Until next on!