Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aces & Blades 2010

Last night was the 5th annual aces & blades function at the hsbc arena. It was a lot of fun, quite expensive to go, but it's an experience for fans.

I didn't do any gambling because I don't usually anyway, and the fact that people planted themselves at players tables and never got up, so it wouldn't have mattered. It was a 21+ event with the Sabres (current and alumni) acting as the dealers for games like blackjack, and also an open bar. I don't drink (much) either, so it was cokes and sprites for me for the night. The food was pretty good, some of it was like hmmm, I'll pass, but for the most part it was nice. The chinese auction of the player made baskets was what I was really looking forward to. I got a sheet of tickets and so did my fiancé, but we didn't win anything :( I put a ton in the Kaleta and Gaustad ones too dammit! haha. He took notes to write an article for and took pictures and things. I got Jason Pominville and Tyler Myers to sign my program while they were walking around, and some pics of some of the guys at the tables:

It was a good time just to go around and see all the players, eat good food, listen to live music, etc. They also had some silent auctions for some signed items and other memorabilia, and even some that wasn't from the sabres like a signed Sidney Crosby jersey. I don't know how much it actually went for, but I'm sure it was a good penny.

Of course the olympians were not in attendance, but they did have the olympic hockey game on the tv's in the harbour club, so that was cool. Team USA vs. Team Canada tomorrow?? On my birthday????! Oh my goodness, this is going to be crazyyyy. I can not wait, I will be planted in front of my tv, cause it's gonna be a good one. Go USA!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zach Parise is the man.

Yes he is, he really is.

I hate missing the games due to work (eww man) but, I did, and I had to read and hear about it later on. Zach Parise got the two goals for team USA and that got us the victory over the swiss misses (ha). He also got an EMPTY NET GOAL. Yes, there are men on other teams that CAN do this. The Sabres? Not so much. We need Zach Parise in Buffalo for this fact alone.

Ryan Miller got himself an olympic shutout which is pretty sweet. Why did I have to miss this game? Ughhh. My dad said people were talking about leaving work early just to go and watch the game, why couldn't I have done that? haha

Now it is a sure thing team USA will play for a medal. Nice job guys!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

You go Ryan Miller, you go.


Nice game team USA! Now THAT is how the game is played,

Ryan Miller's name is pouring out of everyone's mouth now, it's just craziness. He was like a machine out there tonight. Sidney Crosby and the rest of 'em couldn't even stop him tonight. I think a lot of pressure is put on Crosby to be the main focus of team Canada, but yeah, didn't matter tonight cause we won!

That empty net goal at the end, I couldn't even believe it. The Sabres score these very, VERY rarely, so I figured the best of the best had to be able to do it and they did, so amazing.

Random notes:

-I did not know Zach Parise's dad played hockey also, I liked the little clips of him at the beginning. They all oooh'ed and ahhh'ed over him too, and it's well deserved, he did great out there.

-Patrick Kane got a penalty. -sigh-

-I liked all the goal celebrations, especially the one at the end. They all ganged up and pretty much fell all over each other. haha nice one guys.

-I also liked that Chris Drury was one of the first ones to come out and congratulate Ryan Miller, very cool.

-The three man pile-up of Canadian players. It was like the three stooges. Haha...oops guys, better look out next time.

Ok, so this entry might be a big wash because I am still in the process of swooning over this game like a 10 year old girl, but yeah. I am just very proud of Mr. Miller and he was so cool and collective in the interview. I would probably have been dancing or something. Not very professional though...haha.

Oh, and look who's a trending topic on twitter:


Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have managed to miss pretty much anything going on with team USA men's hockey. I must be getting the schedules messed up, or I'm not home when it's on or something. I did manage to see Henrik Tallinder on team Sweden beat Jochen Hecht on team Germany. Everytime they said "plays for the Buffalo Sabres" I got all :D for them...hehe. I didn't realize they were changing Jochen's number for the olympics and couldn't find him when I started watching the game for a good ten minutes...ughh. Go me.

I think it's too early to be going through the withdrawl of no sabres hockey, but it's happening...sorta. I'm just missing getting all settled in and having it to watch and look forward to after work. I am going to aces and blades next Friday, so maybe that will help with some of this. I have never been to it, but it seems like a lot of fun. My fiancé is covering it as "media" for, so I will be tagging along with him. He tells me "I will be having to take pictures and notes and maybe do interviewing and stuff, so you will be on your own for some parts of the night" I was thinking "hmmm, oh boy, does he know what this might mean??" lol But, I will just be a big dork anyway, so it won't matter. He will probably find me sitting on a chair in a corner drinking coke and doing nothing at all exciting...haha.

I also got tickets to the March 10th game vs. Dallas. I have three games coming up in March, and my fiancé wants to get tickets to the game against Philly (his hometown team) so we will probably be doing that on the 5th as well. Four games in two weeks? Wowzas...hehe. I can't wait though. :)

On a side note, I watched a show on Sidney Crosby and the Stanley Cup on the NHL network. I watched him parade it around his hometown, wash it with dish soap (they allow that I guess??) and his family and friends just being overall proud. Makes me want a Stanley Cup here more than ever. Maybe someday...

Ok, so, March get here now please, thanks.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Of course...

of course this was the game I couldn't watch because I was out. Someone turned on the radio and I heard the Sabres were up 3-0 and that Paul Gaustad had scored a goal. Luckily I set the dvr to record this game, because I usually don't, because I don't miss too many games. Gaustad has not scored in 20 games and of course he would pick last night to do so, when I couldn't see it live and in action and go "oh my gosh!!" and flail around. Good job Gaustad, still a good job.

The Olympic thing with the little kids at the beginning of the game was absolutely adorable. Some of those kids had on jerseys down to their ankles almost...haha. My question though, how come Andrej Sekera couldn't have just suited up for that, even though he wasn't playing? I mean come on. He looks very handsome in a suit, yes, but geez, he looked like the poor odd man out. He could have just put his jersey on even.

Well, we actually won! Holy wow it happened. Now it's time for the Sabres to be gone, and I don't want them to be. They were just gettin' good, now they're gonna go and hide for two weeks. Oh well. I'm hoping PK will be back when break is over, get the whole team out there again in all their non-injured glory. Robi will hopefully be back too, hopefully he is doing ok.

So, gained four points out a possible six, not too shabby. Now rest, and come back and keep winning! Game on!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010



Ok, so getting past that, luckily there is only one more game left. I wanted to buy tickets to it too! Ha! That will not be happening. I think the fans will need this break just as much as the players at this rate. I'm not even getting into all the points of this game, but Derek Roy did score two goals. Thank you for that. Jochen Hecht, thank you also, you both did a good job tonight.

Random notes:

-Gaustad got his "A" back!
-I like to make up scenarios of what I think Lindy might do/say when he goes into the locker room between periods and after games such as this one. They sometimes come out pretty hilarious.
-Tyler Myers battle wound on his neck looks somewhat like a huge hickey from far away. Haha awww, poor boy :(
-Are we ever going to get two points again? EVER???
-I liked watching the team USA stuff on MSG after the game because it showed awesome people who aren't on the sabres and made me breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you Zach Parise, you have restored my faith in hockey.

So, that's that. As we hold our collective fan breath for Saturday, let's all hope that this break kicks something into gear, and when they get back they are like some sort of crazy robot winning machine. As least we can all wish.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some kind of alternate universe I guess.

So, ok, we didn't technically LOSE this one, but as everyone seems to think, this isn't all that great either. Lindy was super pissed at the press conference, and trying to make the media all squirmy with his one word answers. I'm sure he expects more out of them, as the fans seem to also, but ya know, teams go into slumps every now and then. I try not to be too mad at them for losing. Ryan Miller needs to get ready for the Olympics, and Patty isn't ready to go out there and win for us, so who knows what to do. Maybe people like Jason Pominville (skdkjdkj) and Derek Roy need to step up. Although Derek did score one, it just wasn't enough to bring two points.

Tyler Myers with that hit to the face with a stick or a puck or something...ouch! I generally get very, VERY nervous when things like that happen, and just stare at my tv waiting for the person to move like come onnn, please get up. Lindy didn't have much to say after the game except for that he was "ok", so hopefully it will all really be ok and he won't miss the next two games or anything.

Paul Gaustad was out there being a boss tonight, and even got an assist in. Lexus leader and one of the three stars of the game? Geez man. He also got the Carubba Collision (which reminds me, come back soon PK...) so he had a really great night. He got knocked around and hit some guys and was gone after the whole night. He got that one penalty which was bogus, but sometimes I don't know what the heck the refs are doing out there. I also always enjoy Gaustad's "deer in the headlights" look when he is on the bench. Like he doesn't know where he is or what's happening and he doesn't blink too much. Pretty fun to watch sometimes...haha.

So we got one point, are now 5th in the conference falling behind Ottawa and Pittsburgh and have two more games this week including one on the road. Someone please help, I'm a little scared.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Why can't you just be the whole team Paul?

I try not to be biased, but I think this guy could probably anchor the team himself. Get in that locker room and yell at them and rough 'em up Gaustad! Tell them how it is, tell them it's "unacceptable" a million times, do something. Yes, I know you have like a -4, but Chris Bulter has like a -34545 so, who should be fired here hmmm?? I was all thinking "awww, no hockey tonight, bummmer" but then I think, it's better off that way. The more time away the better in this case maybe. I just really, REALLY hope they can win tomorrow. If they don't, I dunno what I will do. It's getting kind of crazy and I'm getting desperate. I think Lindy might go into some kind of fit and fire everyone and just be out there on his own or something. James Patrick played back in the day, bring him out too!! Oh boy...

I have been reading other blogs over the last day or two and the general consensus is "ehhhhh, help us" or "I'm very pissed off!!!" and I'm somewhere in the middle right about now. -sigh-

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I don't want to talk about it.

I don't, but I will in this case. Something has been happening, and it's becoming a trend and it sucksss a lot. So, most would figure that somewhere, SOMETIME, the guys would have to come back and win right? Guess not.

I still have ehhh feelings about Lalime. The guy is probably ready for retirement. He can't play enough games, and well, maybe he just shouldn't. Sometimes I think you just have to know when to say "enough" and I think it's time. Sorry Patty. :( That one goal, oh my good gracious, it looked like he scored on himself, and maybe he kinda did. I just -facepalmed- that one and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt on this game. No such luck.

It wasn't just Limey's fault either though because some people didn't step up. I won't mention any names, but come on guys, just come on.

Drew Stafford made that big, HUGE zero on the board look a little bit better by getting into a kick ass fight that had me and my whole family pretty much screaming at the tv in delight some kind of horror. He is a rare fighter, but when he does, watch out! That's what you get Limberger, I hope you learned your lesson.

I also was kind of amused/weirded out by the Columbus coach's press conference when I saw it today on the NHL network this morning. He pretty much said we play like crap a lot, but sometimes we don't. He seemed to maybe not have a lot of faith in his team, but yeah, who would I guess. He is new and sure sounds like it too. But we sure made them look like superstars out there last night! Way to help the NHL boost its overall moral boys! -sigh-

So I'm really hoping it doesn't have to get any worse before it gets better. We have three games before Olympic break and I might get tickets to the San Jose game if I can. My mother asked me "you really want to pay to see THAT?" well mama, I don't think they'll lose forever, at least I hope not. This break will be well needed though, and maybe things can turn around after they all come back feeling rested. At least we can all hope.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nobody likes losing.

I was somewhat scared of what Lindy might do to the team when this game was over and they were all in the locker room. Would he line them up and yell? Would he just collectively yell? Would he throw things at them? Yikesss.

Not much to say, the whole game was blahhh and losing three in a row sucks. You think being at home might help, but it didn't. I think Patrick Lalime is in net tomorrow in Columbus, so Miller can get some time off and hopefully come back feeling more rested and all that jazz.

Robi was in a minor car accident, so he won't be back until after the break. Get well soon Robi!!

No one seems to know when Kaleta will be back, but at this rate he can hardly walk, so it looks to be quite awhile until we see him again in the lineup. Another big bummer.

You could tell in the post-game interview that Miller was bumming on himself pretty hard over the whole thing. Hey, win some, lose some, way it goes.

Just maybe we could win another one soon so I don't feel so sad...please??

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Paul Gaustad!

Sorry your gift included a loss to a team that I was pretty sure we wouldn't beat anyway. Sorry, but it's true. I can't help having that impending doom feeling coming into games against certain teams.

Andrej Sekera restored some hope in us when the game was just lalalala rolling along, and being overall boring. He played a really good game, and stepped up tonight to make people notice him.

Tim Connolly is still doing as well as he's been, starting a point streak all over again. His goal put us back in it to win it, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be after all.

Ryan Miller....oh man. I dunno, I just...hmmm. Not your best work. I know it is never just a goaltender's fault when a team loses, but, come on. Tyler Myers went out to battle for him though, which was really odd to see, but endearing also. He knew what he had to do to get the message across to Ottawa that you don't mess with our goalie, you just don't. Good job redwood.

Robi was out, so Rob Ray was in. It was weird, but I was agreeing with a lot of what he had to say tonight. It was just weird seeing him in that position behind the desk, but he did a good job and could do it full time just fine when Robi decides to retire or somethin. I saw Robi in enough commercials for the night to not miss him too much...haha.

Andrej Sekera getting interviewed after the game was kinda weird, he just didn't make eye contact. Maybe he is shy. Maybe he isn't used to getting interviewed all that often. All I know is that his accent is really cute. :)

And as to honor the occasion and the fact that NO ONE SEEMED TO CARE IT WAS PAUL GAUSTAD'S BIRTHDAY, I would like to give a list of gifts he may or may not have received today:

-really tall pants
-a furnace filter
-gummi worms (horror!)
-a gold medal for his good deeds
-his "A" back
-a bff bracelet from Ryan Miller
-a really long shirt

So, no points for us...arghhh. We host Carolina on Friday, and who really knows at this point what will happen. Things can only get better though right....RIGHT??! haha. Game on!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I don't like this Sidney Crosby character, he is really good and makes my team look bad. Not very nice man, not nice at all.

My father started his morning rant with all his dislike fired at Ryan Miller. Now, my father is not what I would call Miller's number one fan, or his 3,735 fan either, he just has a general dislike, no matter how much everyone else loves him or how good he plays. So, as I was trying to defend the fact that, hey, it happens, I realized how close we did actually come to winning (or at least making it a tie). With the Pominville goal with minutes left, it looked like it could have been within reach, where minutes before it looked like a complete wash. It's just the Sabres ability to do that, to suck it up and play hard when it counts, that makes me believe they can do really well. Pittsburgh scored one very early in, but Buffalo came back to get one, and then another, within a minute. I missed the very beginning because I was on the way home and stopped to drop off a video and blah blah, so I didn't actually see either of these goals, or what I heard was a bloodied Adam Mair. Then Patrick Kaleta disappeared (puck to the foot? owww) and I was just generally confused when I got home. I'm just so happy I settled in just in time to see more Pittsburgh scoring and a Sidney Crosby hat trick as the night went on. Ohhh yipeee! :|

Random notes:

-I keep wanting to call Derek Roy "Rob Roy". Do not ask me why, I do not know why.

-Patrick Kaleta is probably going to miss more games...AGAIN. My gosh he is injured a lot. Major suckage.

-That one guy on Pittsburgh with the last name that sounds like "test tube"? hahaha that is just funny.

-I still don't like the VS announcers.

No points for us, but hey, it was a pretty ok effort. I mean, I think that Sidney Crosby is some kind of robot anyway. He is just programmed to score more goals than everyone else, and then sits on the bench like, "ehhh, no biggie dudes". Wowzas. We face Ottawa tomorrow night and ehhhh nooo, I'm a lil bit scared. Please do good guys, please. It's Gaustad's b-day after all, win it for him! Game on!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Tyler Myers!

Happy sweet 16 Tyler! Oops I'm sorry, you are turning 20, my mistake...


My mother asked me the other day "isn't it someone on the sabres birthday on the 1st?" and I looked it up and she was right. Tyler turns all of 20 and is still really, REALLY tall! Alright buddy! Enjoy your day because your other equally tall (and handsome) teammate has his birthday on Wednesday. :)