Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sabres vs. Washington Capitals and etc.

Yes so it has been quite a while since I have updated, and I am sorry about that. I guess maybe for a little bit (or a longer bit, whichever), things have just been you know, ehh, for the Sabres.

It's ok, I am OK with it, cause we have been through worse, things get better, there is time for things to get better. We won tonight, and I guess that is the first step to getting there, just.keep.winning. We can do it, yeah we can.

Injuries have just plagued this team for a very long while and as soon as one guy is better and comes back, it seems another is out. We still have a bunch of call ups here, and some of them are even hurt at the moment, or Rochester has injured guys themselves. Brad Boyes came back tonight (!!) and Jochen Hecht also returned, which was much needed I think. I was really excited when Marcus Foligno was called up a few days back, and I love having Zack Kassian here (he looks a lot like my sister's boyfriend and I call him by his name all the time to mess with her...haha) and I just hope Corey Tropp can get back into the line up soon. McNabb scored his first NHL goal tonight which is awesome, I love it when that happens. Rookies scoring their first goals, empty net goals, goalie fights, etc. are all just little hockey things I love, what can I say?

The winter classic is coming up next week, and even though neither of the teams are my favorite (shrug), it is still a fun thing to watch every year. I hope Buffalo can be involved again soon (2013 maybe?) because they have been repeating teams.

Ok, so I guess that's it for now. In the new year, I will try and make an effort to update my poor little blog more. It deserves my attention....haha. Happy New Year and game on!