Thursday, October 18, 2012

These are not fun times

There is not anything I can say that probably hasn't been said before but tons of other people, but I can just hope that things get resolved soon. It seemed close, now seems farther away, and I just don't know what to think at this point. I just want to see hockey being played, that's all as a fan you can really say from this stand point. I don't like to get into the politics of it all, because it really isn't for me. There are probably tons of people or parties we can "blame" if we want to be like that about it, but it won't get anything done. So until something DOES happen, all us fans can really do is sit back and wait...and hope...and wait some more.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bye Derek!

The guy has just been here so long, it's just that...I don't know how to feel about this. He was always just a big piece of the puzzle then something just...stopped. I think he honestly just needs a new team, new coach, new atmosphere, and I bet he will do really well. I think Dallas will be glad to have him. He can do great things, we've seen them here, and he can become a key guy when you need him. Good luck in Texas Royzie!

We got Steve Ott and Adam Pardy in exchange, and I honestly don't know much about either. I know Ott is a big guy, I have heard his name thrown around for maybe a fight or getting into it with someone, but not much else, just because we really don't play Dallas a lot either. Another big guy, which I guess is what Darcy was looking for it seems, but he will actually play more minutes than Scott will see it seems, and that's good.

If the Sabres will make any more moves is still to be seen, but now rumors are swirling that they might do a lot more than expected. So who knows, time will tell.

It will just be kind of weird to not see Roy out there, just like it was when Gaustad left. Not seeing players you have seen for years on end and then one day they are just gone. Like if Pominville or Vanek ever left, it would be the same thing. It will be weird in the fall for sure when the season starts and there are all these new faces out there. So yeah, next season shall be interesting.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome to Buffalo John Scott!

I am one of those people who is really big on letting a player actually play here and prove themselves before I form a valid opinion, previous play being kind of void. I know everyone has their stats and reps, but we'll see what he can do for us. John Scott is big man (I mean BIGG), and he fights. He didn't play a lot of games for the Rangers when he was there, but eh, I guess we will find out in the fall what he will actually do for the Sabres and how much he will play.

When it comes time to sign guys or not sign guys or trade or whatever the case may be, there is just not a lot to be said with the Sabres. It's always just eh signings, and then the people seem to either leave (by the way, good luck on the Islanders Brad Boyes, that kinda sucks), or they don't produce, or something pretty unfavorable happens. I am just unimpressed. I know we are not going to get Zach Parise or Rick Nash, or Bobby Ryan for that matter, but it just gets to a point where you just give up on anything even remotely good happening, and treat this like any other time of the year. You keep hoping your team will get their heads out of their asses and play like you know they can, and that is the sentiment around here...a lot.

So whatever else may happen, I will probably just stay forever eh on all situations, because I know full well there will be no reason to get up and dance and cheer about anything. Philadelphia seems to want to sign any and everyone and it's weird. Does there GM just like to take risks? (I think) or is he just crazy? (I don't know), but hey, maybe it will work for them. Goaltending needs work, but hey, this isn't about them...

Ok, that's it for now.

Oh and day 2 of "I still can't believe Paul Gaustad is never coming back to Buffalo" still in effect, and it still sucks. I bought the last jersey Dave and Adam's had of his at their huge tent sale today, and I am glad I did. I will wear it and I don't care. Got it for a good price too. -huge sigh-

Saturday, June 30, 2012


So Paul Gaustad is just really not coming back, like never coming back to Buffalo. That hurts to think about.

I had a dream last night he was back and wearing a Sabres jersey (weird thing is he was wearing Gerbe's number, but whatever), and then this news comes along today that he re-signed with Nashville for 4 years at $13 million.

Looking past contracts, money, how good/bad of a signing people thought it was, I'm not about all that with him. He was my favorite player. Sometimes a favorite player is more to a person than a set of stats and dollar signs. Sometimes it's more about heart and dedication then it is about goals scored and points earned. I feel he did a lot for the team. He stuck up for his teammates, and he had heart, which is often times hard to find in any sport really. I liked him for quite awhile, so I feel free for you to try to call me whatever you want to think it will change my mind because it never will. I always said that even if he was ever traded, there would be a part of me that would be behind him no matter what. He gave something to the team, no matter how big or small a part it might have been. I wish him a ton of luck with his (longer) future with the Preds, and hope he gets what he wants out of being on the team. I just hope he remembers and cherishes his time spent a Sabre as much as I will.

Yeah and if you thought that was too sappy or heart felt for a sports blog you can kiss my ass. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

No playoffs for you!

I am really not going to get much into it tonight, I just can't. My levels of anger are usually high right after a situation, and the whole thing your parents taught you about if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all, will apply. Because there will be nothing nice coming from me right now, so I will choose to stay silent. Maybe in a few days I will be able to hash this out and talk about things, but right now, it's hurting a bit too much and I am not happy. So yep, that's it for now.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I am behind on many things on this blog.

First things first:


So yeah I've had time to accept it and everything, but it doesn't make me any less unhappy about the whole thing. It always seems like the Sabres itch to do these trades so badly, and nothing that good comes out of them. We also lost Zack Kassian and Marc-Andre Gragnani in the process, to get Alex Sulzer (who does have 1 goal), and Cody Hodgson (who I am pretty sure has none). Also, Cody Hodgson will always be a Cory to me, and he may or may not be called Cory Hodges because I can never remember his damn name. He also looks like that one kid that used to be a bully on "Glee"....haha yeah I don't know. -shrug-

So now Vancouver has our other two guys (which I thought that Kassian thing was pretty stupid, but yeah), and we are just playing for our playoff lives. It hurts my head to actually do the stats type thing, like how many games left vs. how many to win or lose, plus factoring in how other teams would have to do in the process. So to me, it's like let the chips fall where they may, and make it or not, there is work to be done, as there always seems to be. I am just hoping this off season we see Paul Gaustad come back, because I think the team needs someone like him on it. Face off man and all that is one thing, I know he doesn't score a lot, but having his type of personality in the dressing room has to help them. Someone there for so many years, in that core with Pominville, Vanek, and Miller, it has to have an effect on overall team chemistry. So here's to hoping we can get him back in the summer.

Season is winding down, and between that and wacky weather in Buffalo (yeah it's like 60-something, I dunno), I am getting an overall blah feeling. I love winter and I love Sabres, and knowing they might not be around much longer bums me out. I just don't know if I would rather they just not make the playoffs at all, because exiting early is just so much heartbreak. Last year I really did cry (yeah, for reals), and it was just really rough. Maybe I would just rather we not make it and have the summer to fix some things up, and get back out there in the fall ready for something major. It's just hard to tell at this point.

Ok, so guess that's it for now. Next game is tomorrow and I will actually be home to watch it on a Saturday, so we'll see how that goes. Game on!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

MSG and Time Warner better get their acts together...and quick

because not seeing Sabres games is pretty shitty, and options are limited for a lot of people it would seem. Yeah you can go to a sports bar, or maybe a friend's house who has Direct TV or something, but come on. It's winter in Buffalo, a lot of people don't even want to leave the house, I know I don't. Get home, eat dinner and watch the Sabres game...too much to ask? Seems like it. MSG can take their 53% increase and shove it, and Time Warner can stop being cheap asses and shove it also, this is not fair. All the black out restrictions along with it on Center Ice and all that is also ridiculous. Listening on the radio it is. UGH.

In other hockey related news, the Winter Classic was today from Citizens Bank Park in Philly. I am not a fan of either team really, but it was a good game and it seemed like the weather was pretty good for the people that went. I still think the Buffalo one was the best (even though we didn't win), it still started it all off again, and it was just...magical. Haha, sounds lame, but it was.

Until next on!