Saturday, June 30, 2012


So Paul Gaustad is just really not coming back, like never coming back to Buffalo. That hurts to think about.

I had a dream last night he was back and wearing a Sabres jersey (weird thing is he was wearing Gerbe's number, but whatever), and then this news comes along today that he re-signed with Nashville for 4 years at $13 million.

Looking past contracts, money, how good/bad of a signing people thought it was, I'm not about all that with him. He was my favorite player. Sometimes a favorite player is more to a person than a set of stats and dollar signs. Sometimes it's more about heart and dedication then it is about goals scored and points earned. I feel he did a lot for the team. He stuck up for his teammates, and he had heart, which is often times hard to find in any sport really. I liked him for quite awhile, so I feel free for you to try to call me whatever you want to think it will change my mind because it never will. I always said that even if he was ever traded, there would be a part of me that would be behind him no matter what. He gave something to the team, no matter how big or small a part it might have been. I wish him a ton of luck with his (longer) future with the Preds, and hope he gets what he wants out of being on the team. I just hope he remembers and cherishes his time spent a Sabre as much as I will.

Yeah and if you thought that was too sappy or heart felt for a sports blog you can kiss my ass. :)