Friday, January 29, 2010

The Bruins in ruins?

I guess so, or from what I heard some guy say on It seemed to look like it after tonight's game though. I thought they were going to be a lot tougher to beat then they were, and so did Henrik Tallinder, as he said in the post game interview. He scored on them though, so I guess it wasn't too hard for him. Right off the bat Hank is out there scoring and he did it with such ease it seemed. Thomas Vanek scored one too, keeping him the number one goal scorer on the team.

There was a lot more pushing and shoving tonight then there was the last game, and a few more pushing and shoving type things that really didn't turn into anything big. I'm itching for a big, all out brawl. It's so weird, but I just am, I can't help it. Maybe when Philly is in town we can get that (and I really want to get tickets to that game) so maybe I will be able to see something live and in person. Woooo.

Funny picture I stumbled upon at

Little girl seems to like Mr. Kaleta. Little boy seems to think he is big, scary monster man. I think the both of them have it right...haha. The picture is just too funny.

I went and picked up my tickets for the March 3rd game vs. Washington and the March 13th game vs. Minnesota. It makes me want March to just be here already. I'm planning to get my taxes done any day, so maybe some of that money can go towards tickets for Philly and maybe something before that. Going to games is somewhat of an expensive hobby, but I can't help it.

No game until Monday now against Pittsburgh on Versus (ick) and then a home game against Ottawa on Wednesday. Two more points and two games in a row won. I think the boys are back! Game on!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sabres vs. New Jersey Devils

The first game back at home after the road trip was crazyyyy. To me it was one of those where you're on the edge of your seat for parts of it, then other parts you can just hang back. I went with my dad, my sister and her boyfriend. I know I chatted back and forth with my sister a lot, while the men were in that "if you talk to me I won't even hear you anyway" zone, so we ignored them a lot...ha. The Krusty the clown sound alike behind us with the "let's go sabres!" chant even five seconds also made for a lot more laughter then there might have been otherwise. He was great.

I thought the one buffalo goal in regulation was Derek Roy, but it was actually Adam Mair (sorry Mair), and that was it from us for regulation. I noticed Andrej Sekera and Nathan Paetsch were out there, but it took me altogther too long to figure out who WASN'T out there. I knew I didn't see MacArthur, and I didn't realize until we were driving home that Steve Montador and Toni Lydman were also scratched. It worked out well though because we won, and in a shootout no less!

I wanted to see a shootout very badly in live action, but then I sat back and thought, well, the guys aren't too good at those sometimes. Drew Stafford, as I was watching him skate up, I figured him to be about a 50/50 chance. He missed. Jochen I knew would probably make it, cause he usually does. Good job Jochen, you rule. Zach Parise missed which was odd (my favoritism on him made my father turn to me and say "if he makes this I will kill you" hey now, not my but he missed, so it's ok. Then here comes Jason Pominville and I said "OH NO" out loud, maybe forgetting for an eighth of a second that 1. he is on our team and 2. I was in Buffalo. He made it though, so I couldn't be too mad...ha.

Even though they were tired and just coming back home from being on the road, the guys tore it up out there and I was proud. They made it a nice game to come back home to for us here in Buffalo.

Random notes:

-I look for Sabretooth at games more than I do for players sometimes. I sit there like "oh there he is, I love him". I might have some sort of an issue...

-This game needed more hits. I was 2nd row from the glass, I wanted a flat out brawl right in front of me. Would have made for an even greater hockey

-I shouldn't have been crushin' on Zach Parise quite so hard, but I'm sure the Devils fans behind me thought it was ok. During the practice I couldn't stop talking about him. Damn him being in the all star game last year, that's where this all started. I was watching for Thomas Vanek, not you. Gahh.

-Oduya is still a funny name, and I like it.


So, the guys ranked up two points (finally, thank God, I was getting nervous) and we play Boston tomorrow. Another olympic bound goalie anyone? Game on!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sabres vs. Vancouver Canucks

I try not to laugh a little when Lindy Ruff gets all -crazyfacegoingnuts- and screaming and all that, but sometimes I can't help it. After that wears off, I'm just as pissed as him, and Gaustad for that matter. Little ref man who is retiring, my gosh, what are you doing? No goal? Ok. Plus a crazy penalty? Way to kick us while we're down man. Gaustad shaved and everything, did he shave for this? Gah! But yeah, that whole thing was crazy and all three commentators thought so too, and it's their JOB to comment, so yeah. Way to set the tempo for the rest of the game.

Nice goal by Adam Mair to start off, and then Thomas Vanek later. Pominville and Roy...whatever...and was Drew Stafford even there? Why do I have such a hard time keeping tabs on him? Didn't see much out of Kaleta tonight either, no big hits or anything really, and this game, to be quite honest, was relatively boring. They are all probably just ready for this little road show to be over with already, and so am I. Late starts are cool sometimes, but I'm kinda getting sick of them.

So the road trip ends on a cruddy note, but it's time for the team to come on back home. I can't wait to go to the game on Wednesday, but New Jersey will be a set of tough customers it would seem. They are right up there with us somewhere in that great big world of standings, and it won't be an easy time. I will just be happy to be there though, because Lord knows I have trouble figuring out what is happening half the time in live action games...haha. Game on!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sabres vs. San Jose

I knew this game seemed scary from the start. I mean, I knew their record was good going in, but the guys held their own for almost the whole thing, then in the 3rd period it started to really crumble.

Tim Connolly is on a hot streak though, 14 point streak and I really hope he can keep it going. He scored one along with Pominville (ok, I guess you are getting better...ha) but, it didn't turn out in our favor. I still had fun watching because it started out high paced, and the west coast announcers are all "yay!" about that, and they also love to talk about Tyler Myers and Ryan Miller. However, announcer man, your Rick Jeanneret impersonation was awfullll, please don't ever do that again...haha. Somewhat amusing though at the same time. Just one more game and we will have Rick back! WOOO!

Gaustad got two penalities last night I think it was, and he was unhappy to go to that box. Conversation in my living room as follows as Gaustad goes to the box:

my fiancé: get in there and stop yelling (how rude)
my dad: geez, he needs to shave
my mother: -probably asleep by this point-
me: =(

So yeah, we didn't win. I got frustrated and turned the tv off after the Sharks made it 5-2 with about less than a minute left in the game. I was feeling cranky and sleepy as it was, so I just went to bed. It's been a long road trip, and I guess the dudes just need to get back to Buffalo and have a few games here and maybe try and get some rest. I would probably be dead if I had to do traveling like that and then be doing a physical sport on top of it.

Other randoms:

My dad loves to point out to me as they show the top goal scorers on the top teams in the league. "Look who's number one" ehhh dad, I do not like Patrick Kane. I know he's from Buffalo and all, but whatever.

During the intermission they showed other games highlights and I got all giddy that Brad Richardson scored for L.A. last night. I just like him, I can't help it.

What is with the goal horns on the west coast? They are like submarine sounding things and they are really weird. I heard it in Anaheim and was thinking "wow, highly annoying and odd sounding". Just not used to that I guess.

Tyler Myers is still growing! He might be 7 feet tall by the end of the season! Geez man, he is gonna be bumping into doorways if he isn't careful. Don't boys grow up until the age of 21 in some cases? Wowzas.

On to Vancouver tomorrow, and I'm not sure what to expect. A win would be good just to tie this up for them to come home. I'm getting all anxious for their return to Buffalo because I have tickets for Wed. and I also got tickets for the Washington and Minnesota games coming up in March. :) Game on!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sabres vs. L.A. Kings

From the start of this game, it seemed like this team was fierce. I mean, they aren't really high in the standings or anything, but they gave off a vibe like, "mess with us and see what happens" so, I was a little bit intimidated I must say.

Now I am thinking "oh cool, late starts are cool" but the thing is, I was actually kind of tired before the game even started. It's hard to remember specifics when you are just groggy like that. Clarke MacArthur scored one for us in the 1st period (it helped to bring that -10 to a -9 at least...) and then Tommy Vanek scored in the 2nd period to make it 2-1 because the Kings scored somewhere in there. Oh yeah, it was in the 1st and they had that awesome breathless interview with Brad Richardson (yes -breath- I -breath- scored -breath- please -breath- give me -breath- a -breath- second to catch my breath) so that was amusing to say the least.

2nd starts off 2-1 Sabres and it's all high action and fast paced and the l.a. announcers seem to like that...a lot. 2nd period looks like it might end in our favor when some old geezer (ha) from the Kings scored to tie it up 2-2 to end the 2nd period. Damn damn.

Craig Rivet scored very early in the 3rd to restore some hope that this could happen. Being ahead by one is always nice, but with almost a full period left to play, it seems unrealistic to say it would stay that way. Kings tied the game 3-3 with about 12 mins. left in the period and it was uh-oh ville (which is what Pominville could always be re-named, it seems appropriate at this point...). A shootout looms in the distance, but hey now wait, what time is it? Am I in bed at this point? Yes. Have I missed things here and there from falling in and out of sleep? Yes. Did I miss the shootout? Of course I did. Thank goodness for MSG's replay of the game this morning, because reading about it is just never the same ya know.

Shootout players chosen (Pominville? why must you keep tourturing us Lindy?) starts off with Stafford though, and he makes it look easy. So they score, we score, Jason goes ehhh and misses, but then they miss too. Connolly, come on buddy you have to help us....oh. Well, at least we got one point, which is ok at this point. Ryan Miller is point hungry, and he gets to eat up one at least.

A few random things:

-It was Jason Pominville's 300th consecutive played game with the Sabres. It's like that kid in high school who never missed a day all four years. Like whoa man, how do you do that? What an over-achiever you are. -throws confetti-

-Brad Richardson is cute and his hair was all crazy and him not being able to catch his breath made me crush on him. I am a weirdy, yes.

-Lindy, pleasepleasePLEASE shake up this shootout line-up for the love of Stu Barnes. I get it, I get it, it works sometimes. But Pominville should be in time out for now because he hasn't been all that good and maybe someone like Hecht should be there, he deserves it. He delivers better than Domino's.

-I wish they would mic up guys sometimes, the sabres never do that. Well they used to, but they have since stopped, I don't know why though, it was awesome. I want one sabre every few games just mic-ed up for fun. Paul Gaustad would be nice, but then again, do they have enough money and time to censor all that? Even reading lips can give me a good idea what he's saying sometimes. My goodness Paul, you kiss your mother with that mouth? ha

So, as it goes, on to San Jose tomorrow night. Seems scary, again, because I'm pretty sure they are the leaders in the west. Yes they are. My gosh, even their stats are kinda scary. The boys better prepare for this one really well because it looks like they will need it. One point and only two road games left (thank GOD). Game on!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reading is fun.

There is a copy of Rob Ray's book on the coffee table at my father's house that I ocasinally will pick up and read from (he got it signed as a Christmas gift from my fiancé Anthony when Rob Ray was at Buff State when Anthony was in school there. To Bob, from and it's pretty interesting. Now, the times he is talking about I really have little to no recollection of, seeing as he started in the 80's, but I can remember some and a lot from what my father has told me also. He also talks about Matthew Barnaby a lot, as they are close friends from what I've read. It's funny because I see Barnaby a lot at my work and places near my work also. I haven't finished the book yet, I'm only up to the chapter when Lindy Ruff first came to be the coach for the Sabres, but what I have read so far is eye opening as to what goes on between coaches, players, GM's, etc., even what happens inside the locker room. It seems like it might not be the same for the line of guys that are playing right now, but I guess it could be.

In reading these things, it brought me back to when the Sabres were in the playoffs in 1999. The whole "no goal" thing is still kind of blurry in my mind, but dear God if you lived in Buffalo at the time you knew what it was all about. The thing is that my dad was there. I remember watching parts on tv, but at the time I wasn't into it as much as I could have been or like I am now. My dad was at the game with a friend and I remember feeling really bad when it was all over, especially for him and how he has loved this team forever and they were sooo very close. He has told me the story many times of how he and his friend sat on the curb outside the arena and cried. Geez, how brutal. He was also at the last game played at the Memorial Auditorium, and he had the big ticket stub in a frame for as long as I can remember. A lot of fans have a lot of history and stories that go along with that building. I was in it a couple times, but again, I was so young, it's hard to remember a lot of it.

I really hope as time goes on that there are more moments for this team, more awesome moments where everyone remembers where they were when it happened, or how they heard about it, or how it was in all the newspapers and on tv. It's just all a matter of time I guess.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sabres vs. Anaheim

My father decided that at about hmmm, quarter after 9 this morning that he would like to get his disatisfaction with Jason Pominville off his chest. Now usually, neither myself or my father are what you would call "morning people" but at soon as he asked "what did you think of that game last night?" we were both off and running. Now the Pominville thing has been my dad's grief for awhile now. "Getting paid all that and you are a pro player, you don't do things like that" is what he would say. I remember him screaming at the tv "Pominville you keep going wide! What is wrong with you??" in the past weeks, and so on. Now yes, in my opinion Pominville needs to fix himself up a bit out there. He is scoring at times yes, but last night ughhh, my frustration was runnin' high.

Now I have said it before, Patrick Lalime needs more time out there, plain and simple. He needs to play more and maybe he could improve. But letting four in in such a short time? He's gotta go, time to bring Miller in. I thought after three he might be taken out, but Lindy waited until it seemed all was lost. Gahhh. It was late, I did not want to be screaming like a crazy psycho, I did not want the neighbors calling the cops, but I couldn't help it. Then Miller came in and I was actually breathing a sigh of relief, and the tempo of the whole game changed.

Three goals came up pretty quick and then it was like, maybe we can do this, it's only one more goal to tie it up and we can at least get the one point. But after that lovely show by Pominville (ughh, man come onnn) it was seeming pretty out of reach. Hecht scored that desperation goal with about 56 secs. left, but that was also with 6 men on the ice. So, it was a loss after all. I give it up to these guys they were probably very exhausted from travel and back to back games (as the dumbass announcers kept reminding us all) and everything. So, it's ok, we'll get it all back I'm sure.

About those announcers though, yikes. Rick needs to come back like, NOW. I would have even taken Kev Slyvester at this rate. The whole gang needs to be back together, Rick, Harry, Robi, all of them, it just isn't the same and I don't like it. :(

Another thing, what is with Gaustad and seeming like he doesn't want to fight lately? He was pretty much being put in a chokehold last night against the glass and was like hmmhmm oh well. I was like man, let that dude have it! Maybe he is just not into the stupid penalties this season, but it's nice to see him fight a little bit sometimes (not a lot, just a lil bit though).

On to L.A. tomorrow and I just don't know what to expect at this rate. I don't know if Lindy will attempt to put Lalime in again or if Miller is planned to be in net for the rest of the road trip or what. I'm sure with a little rest and all that the guys will be back to their normal game winning selves in no time though. Game on!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Everyone seemed to want in on this game tonight. Goals all over the place by a bunch of different guys. 7-2 is a hefty win and when one unassuming person might look at that score, they might think "oh my, does the other team suck that badly"? Well, tonight they sure did. They tried, but once redwood had that first goal in the net early, there was no looking back.

Miller continues to be the rock that this team needs. He saves and saves and has been pretty consistent. Lalime is in goal tomorrow from what I hear, so hopefully he is fired up and ready to kick some butt out there.

P. Kaleta scored again tonight, which always makes me happy, followed by Hecht, Pominville, Butler, Vanek and another goal by Pominville. I was ready to send Pominville away on some extended vacation as of late, but dude started coming through lately. There was a lot of back and forth confusion in the play by play, seeing as Rick left us stranded (haha) and poor Kev gets mixed up sometimes. Then they decide to throw Rob Ray up there too, and it just gets even crazier. I'm sure Harry Neale was like "what in the hell is happening up here?" But for the next couple games we have no one we know and it will just be really weird. The late starts don't really bother me, it's cool to unwind at the end of the day with a fast paced game watching experience...haha.

Anaheim has something like a 8 game winning streak at home, so the boys will have to buckle down for that, but I think it all looks promising. All looks promising when you are tied for #1 in the easttttt! Now we just need to bump those pesky Capitals down and we are good to go. Two more points on!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ok, so I missed the first period completely, but got in the car sometime in the beginning of the 2nd to hear the awful awesome play by play of Kevin Slyvester. The radio usually makes me ehhh, because I need more visualizations and all that, but it's better than nothing. I know Mike Grier got a goal at some point on the ride home, and then I busted into the apartment so I could see the whole 3rd period on a good old fashion tv set.

Now from what I had heard from those actually watching the 1st period was that Miller looked "shaky" and he just seemed kind of out of it, and we were down by one at that point. So, I don't know, but things shaped up when Stafford scored in the third and tied us 2-2. OT went by and then it was time for dundundun...a shootout!

Now, not to hate on my dudes here, but they seem to kinda choke a lot of times on these. Lindy's choices for shooters also boggles my mind most of the time. I yell at my tv with such a fierceness! The obvious choices seem to always be Stafford, Vanek, Roy, Connolly, and then down from there to Hecht and MacArthur if needed (which has been the case). Butttt, there are times he throws someone in there like, ummm, excuse my Lindy, why in the world would you do that??! Now, I love P. Kaleta, I really do, but in the shootout? Nonono. You can say he scored the other day, yes, but Mike Grier scored TONIGHT, put him out there. So it goes that PK misses and the game comes to a close.

A point is a point though friends, and I have to give it up to them, because the game looked like it could have easily been a complete wash. With it being not that far into the road trip, a complete loss would not have been good at this point. Kevin Slyvester, you get a honorable mention because well, it takes a big person to fill those shoes in that booth, and you did...pretty alright for a noob. He also taught me a few things, like the fact that Paul Gaustad wears contacts. This I did not know. Thanks Kev for the info! Just don't quit your day job...ha.

Game on!!

Oh, and random note: me and my father saw Bill Hajt in a restaurant the other day, and my dad goes on to talk to him and I go on to have that "we're gonna win that cup" song stuck in my head for the last handful of days. Now of course I would have trouble recognizing this man in public, seeing as my father was just a kid when he played, but my dad knew right away...dang. It's not like standing next to Jason Pominville in Wegman's and watching him order some kind of ham, but it's close.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

PK is backk!!

Patrick Kaleta is back and he made everyone stand up and take notice too. As I was sitting watching the game, maybe about 30 secs. before the goal was scored I thought, "it would be cool if Kaleta scored, he would really be showing he was meant to be put back in the line-up" and then bam! Go PK! I knew him coming back would be a good thing, and he was right back out there puttin' people in their place just like he always does. He also got the Carubba Collision of the game. Ahhh, all is right again. I also liked the little bit about Angola during the intermission. The place they went to eat looked really cool, I might have to check it out this summer. They ordered a lot of hot dogs between him and Kevin. I bet PK ate most of them...ha.

And Derek Roy! Oh my gosh, hey buddy! Thanks for coming back to the team bro! 5 goals this season so far is like ehhhh, but, he did it for us tonight when it counted, so I guess it's cool. Right before it would have went to a shootout too, phew, that was a close one guys.

Ryan Miller was out there kickin' ass again, getting over 30 saves and all that. I just hope that they can all keep the momentum going for the rest of the road games that are ahead for them. I have faith in them though. Keep it up guys! 2 more points and headed back to the empire state against the Islanders on Saturday. I will miss most of the game on Saturday though. Damn life interfering with my hockey! haha. Game on!!

Oh, and long story short, I met Paul Gaustad this past Tues. at an autograph signing at Dave and Adam's and got one lonely photo:

Signings are just so weird because they are rushed and it's like what do I say? It's like 30 secs. up there and just ehhh. Buttt, he looked foxier than ever and he was really nice. So that's that. Oh and we watched him pull in when we were in line waiting and he drives a really dirty suv! Oh my goshy, he is just like everyone else in Buffalo! Be still my heart Mr. Gaustad! :D

Monday, January 11, 2010

This picture is relevant to my interests.

Ok, so 1. this photo is old and 2. I drew on it like I am in 4th grade. But come on, Ryan gets the square because the goal is square and he is always there....

and Paul gets a heart cause...well, cause I said so.

Derek Roy gets the "x" because...he just does. I also dislike his suit.

So, this is what Sabres-less nights do to me, it's pretty pathetic. The team is getting all amped up to play on the road for awhile, and I sit here on paint like I have some sort of weird problem. -sigh-

But, in other relevant news, there is a Paul Gaustad signing at Dave and Adam's tomorrow, and well, I'm going. Or maybe going might be better to say. I might chicken out at the last minute for reasons only a shy person like me can understand. I know that autograph signings are nothin', it's get your photo signed, move along, not a really long process to have to go through, but I still get all dfdkfjdfkj. If I can mutter a "can you please sign this?" before almost passing out/something else embarassing, I guess all will be good for the night. I will come back with pictures at least. Gah.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I don't even know.

The beginning of this whole "game" made me all "booo" because I could feel the happiness being taken away. Like "uh-oh dudes, don't let this go to your heads" but it seemed like it was going to be a bad night. Poor Patrick Lalime gets crapped on by a lot of people, but the poor guy has a tough spot. Everyone and their mama loves Miller, and he knows it, so Lalime can only get in there every once in awhile, and just needs more games played to get his record up and get his game play on. That can not be achieved though, when you know the fans want to see Miller and well, he delivers wins. I thought that Lalime did an excellent job, and yeah, some goals were given up, but ya know, it takes a whole team to stop them from going in, not just your goalie. I think all the guys tonight just seemed ehhh, like it was all going in slow-mo, and the road trip hasn't even started yet.

Butttt, we were able to tie it up by some goals from Drew Stafford, Thomas Vanek and Jochen Hecht (needed a call up to Toronto my ass). Tommy Vanek, 1st goal in 7 games huh? Wow. Derek Roy, are you still with us? Yeah, I dunno. There are just some people that don't seem to be pulling their weight to me. Yes, Vanek leads the team with 12 goals, but he scored triple that in a season not so long ago. Soooo, you decide. He has it in him, we all know. I know the season still has a ways to go though, so we shall see. Maybe I will be eating my words come Spring...

Let's get to the meat here though people, that DAMN SHOOTOUT. Now, shootouts in general make me sweaty, nervous, a mental case, etc. I wasn't sure who Lindy would have enough confidence in to send out there, but I knew it would probably be Stafford first. The whole back and forth of it all had me (and my parents) screaming at the tv like nutcases. Lindy made some unusual choices in my opinion, but I think everyone was thinking "it won't take more than those couple names on the sheet" but yeah, well, it did. A lot more. 22 shooters in all is what it took. Pominville (uhh), Tallinder??! (umm, ok) Tyler Myers (I get it, but oh my it was so bad, even he gave himself the omg what the hell did I do? face) and so on and so on. Lalime can only take so much it seems. Poor guy tried, he really did. I give him a ton of credit for tonight because he made a lot of good saves. Good job Limey!

Ok ok now. We have 7 games on the road now and won't be back home until the 27th vs. the devils (and I will be there!! :) One point in the right direction and praying for some love on the road. Come on boys!! Game on!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tyler Myers is my hero.

This guy-kid has been generating so much talk around Buffalo, the NHL, everywhere, that it is hard not to be like "whoa". He also backs it all up by being a kickass defenseman. Being a goal scoring defenseman makes him one of those double threat types also. He is also taller than Paul Gaustad. Now come on, how many people can say that? Good job redwood.

Some stats:

-6th straight win for Buffalo, which hasn't been done seen since Dec. 2007.
-48 saves for Miller tonight, a career high for him. Damn.
-10th straight win against the Maple Leafs.

Tim Kennedy also scored a goal, but that didn't stop him from looking sad. He just always looks about ready to cry. Cheer up dude!!

It was all fine and dandy until the 3rd period kind of started to fall apart. It was scary for awhile there that this might actually become a tied game and have to go to OT. At first, I was not worried about that in the slightest. I wasn't too worried really to start with, just because of our own record against Toronto and their overall record, but it's not too good to go into games thinking like that. Being overly cocky is bad, just BAD. It also freaks my father out, like some sort of hockey curse and he just shushes me the whole time. ha

Not too much fighting in this game, or the last for that matter. Just a lot of little things that drew a ton of penalties between both teams. I remember Gaustad being a fighting machine for a lot of the 08-09 season, but now it seems like he's mellowed out a bit. Which is ok, because Mair can still get riled up pretty easy, but we just need Kaleta back. After he gets back I'm not sure if he will want to take it easy or just hit stuff. Knowing him, he will probably knock somebody out his first game back. Ahhh Patty Kaleta, come back soon please.

Old video, but...well just watch:

He's been waiting to "hit something"...oh boy. He looks so happy saying it too. He's been out for awhile, so I'm sure the same thing is going through his head now. Look out fellow NHLer's. Yikes.

One more home game tomorrow then on the road for a longggg time, and a lot of late starts as well. Two more points are ours Buffalo! Game on!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sabres vs. Tampa Bay Lightning--1/6/10

Ok, so last night had a lot of "whoa!" moments (especially for me) and I might be long winded on this one. Don't say I didn't warn you...

This was the first game I have been to since 2002. Granted, I watch them all on tv, but nothing really gets you ready for it live, especially after not seeing any live hockey for all those years. I was in sect. 106, row 6, and these were seats I purchased back in Sept. for my dad as his b-day gift. I was all crazy getting ready to go downtown from work, making sure we were going to be on time, traffic wouldn't be too heavy, wanting to go to the sabres store first, etc. We got there with plenty of time and headed to the store and then to the nachos (ha) and then to our seats to see all the guys come out to practice.

Now I don't know the arena like the back of my hand, especially when it comes to the seating. I thought my dad would, seeing as he had season tickets many times and all that. Well, it was not mentioned to me that I had purchased tickets right next to the visitor's tunnel for them to come out onto the ice. Bummer. I would like tickets next to our tunnel, but, it is what it is.

Then I take some time to look around. My gosh, the ice looked not as big, in fact the whole area looked super small to me. Also, my gosh the players looked big on said small looking ice surface. Tampa was practicing on our side and I was just sitting there all wide eyed (and probably with my mouth hanging open or something equally embarassing) just watching. I need more of these games in my life, more not on tv type games. It made me want to run down to the ticket office and give them a kidney just to have season tickets.

After the game started, I didn't even have my bearings before the 1st, and 2nd and 3rd goals were scored by Buffalo. Now I am just trying my hardest to keep up because it's been too long and my head felt crazy and I was just taking it all in and didn't even realize at first goals were scored until the place went nutty. I usually have Rick Jeanneret at home helping me out...ha. That is also a factor, not having any announcer/commentary to help in the backround, so I had to concentrate. As the game went on though, I got more into the groove of it all, and started to relax and felt like I knew what was going on for once. I missed a scrap between Gaustad and someone down the line because it was all the way over on the other side of the ice, but all in all, the seats were great and had a great view of everything going on. Here's some pictures I took:

During the 2nd intermission, me and my dad went to get sabretooth paws (haha they are so cool) and he also got the Buffalo boys t-shirt with Patrick Kaleta and Tim Kennedy on it. I saw it and told him about cause I knew he would love it.

So all in all, a pretty great game to go to. I know a lot of people were saying the playing was sloppy and the goals weren't really clean or anything, but they went in, and that's that. I know, I know, technique and all that matters, but it was a good game for fans as a lot of people were saying, maybe not so much for coaches, but the sold out house loved every minute. We stayed until the very last minute, and getting out of the lot was a nightmare, but it was all well worth it. Now if only Patrick Kaleta would have been playing and took some Tampa players into the boards right at the end I was at, it could have been perfect...haha. I am just hoping he will be playing when I go to the game against NJ on the 27th, cause I really want to see him in action on home ice.

Random notes:

1.) Paul Gaustad is so much taller than Derek Roy, it makes me laugh.
2.) Everyone is taller than Martin St. Louis, except for maybe Derek Roy.
3.) I still had to listen to that dreaded HSBC bank commercial, even while at a live game. How come I can not escape it???!
4.) The people sitting around us were all really nice and it made the game even better.
5.) I wanted to run down to the glass and pound on it for no reason. I just felt the need. But I didn't. :(
6.) Sabretooth is kickass, even though he didn't come to our section.
7.) The "1, 2, 3, 4, 5 we want 6!" chant was pretty fun
8.) The guy behind us said "these guys couldn't score an empty net if you paid them" and me and my dad both laughed because it's true.

Two more points in the right direction, at a steady pace. Hope we can keep this up Buffalo, game on!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't freak out!

I was just going through a bunch of my stuff to find an old Sabres ticket stub (it's like if it's in my mind to find something, I have to asap or I go all crazy) and I found it to try and remember the last Sabres game I went to:

Sabres vs. Philadelphia Flyers
Tue. Oct. 22nd

Wowzas, long time no see eh? I am officially an awful fan, I know this. But yeah I dunno why it's been so long. I went to one of those Powerplay Luncheons and other stuff, but no game. Tickets were real hard to come by for awhile, then there were some times of suckage on their part (hey, it's true). Then there was a whole season where there was no hockey (oh please never let that happen again), so yeah. I have some games to attend to make up for this.

But, onto other Sabres news today:

Ok, yeah, we know what this means, happened to Adam Mair not very long ago. So, maybe somebody will pick him up, maybe they won't. Maybe he will stay and play really well and we can all be like "wow Paetsch, look at him go". So there is no reason to flip out, because some people think this means traded, thrown away, left in a dumpster somewhere, not the case friends. It will all be ok, promise!

I feel some sort of a hockey drought from not seeing any for the next two days, it just seems odd to me. Like what to do, what to do. Here are some ideas for those who, like me, wonder on a given hockey-less night, what they can do to occupy their time:

1. Make clay bust of Paul Gaustad's head (although, I would not suggest a. telling anyone you are doing this and b. never bringing it up in a matter of fact, this might be just a CREEPY idea, but hey...)

2. Count the number of dumbass penalties Toni Lydman has gotten over the years (I dare you, it will be highhh)

3. Talk about comparisions between Patrick Kaleta and Matthew Barnaby for like, 2 hours.

4. Daydream about the "better days" when we had Pat LaFontaine as captain (oh, sorry, that just might be my dad's job)

5. Wonder how many times in a given game Kevin Slyvester would like to yell "shut it!" to both Robi and Rob Ray. I bet it's a lot.

6. Admire photos of Harry Neale in his awesome sweaters and wish he was your grandpa.

So, those are some ideas for ya. If those things do not work, I'm sorry. You will just have to wait until the Sabres are back on and all can be right again. Game on!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


So yeah, Ryan Miller was a superstar today. Not saying he hasn't been for almost all of the season, but there were times I was like ummm, please wake up and join the team will ya? But today he totally rocked it, and one more shutout to tie him for the top number of them in the league ain't too shabby either.

After I got over the initial "hey it's daylight and I'm watching hockey", it was all pretty good. I really thank Connolly for that goal because without it, well, let's just say we would have all been watching for a lot longer...ha. That dude has been on fire lately too, showing he's worth the big bucks I guess. Good job bro.

Gaustad was a little fiesty today it seemed, like those Canadiens were gettin' under his skin. A player on Montreal wanted to rumble with Staffard, and Gaustad skated over like "excuse me, leave him alone" like pushing Drew to the side and getting in the middle. Drew doesn't fight a lot, so that might have been the reason why. I was just thinking "damn that Gaustad, he is loyal as hell" and he really is. A very good quality to have on your team for sure.

Side notes:

Kaleta pleaseee for the love of Stu Barnes come back. If Craig freakin Rivet is getting the Carubba collision of the game, we know something is off! Whatever kind of "lower body injury" you have, it must be serious because you have been gone what feels like months. We need you. Thanks.

They always put Kevin Slyvester in the weirdest places during away games. I don't know why they just can't find a nice, quiet place for him to broadcast from. They're like "stand here Kev" and here comes people, players, doors of glass closing in front of him, geez. Poor guy probably loves his awesome broadcasting booth at the arena. I would never leave it if I were him.

I miss Robi when he's not around. That might make me some kind of crazy person, but I don't care.

Don't use the damn rinse hold on your dishwasher, cause I'm pretty sure Gaustad will come to your house and spill all that excess water on your furniture. Gaustad must be the Al Gore of the Sabres. Ha.

So friends, 2 more points in the direction we need, and all is well. I will be at the game on Wed. vs. Tampa Bay, and I'm sure I will come back with pictures and things to write about. Game on!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hockey day!

So today was chock full o' hockey and it twas grand. The Winter Classic game seems to be the big one everyone wants to see, regardless if you are a hockey fan or not. Of course having that one back in Buffalo two years ago was pretty damn awesome, every year seems to have it's own set of reasons to tune in.

For one, I have a fiancé that was born and raised in Philadelphia and, well, he has a fiancé that was born and raised in Buffalo. Yeah, that brings its own set of...things later, but Buffalo was not in this said Winter Classic. I didn't really have a team I wanted to side with one way or the other. I was kind of hoping for a Philly victory for standings reasons only, but it did not turn out that way. Said fiancée was glued to tv for the whole thing, and was happy to see Bobby Clarke as well. Now I know why that signed puck is in a glass case up there on his shelf...haha.

Let me mention one thing off the bat here, my utter disgust for Daniel Carcillo. I think he is a trouble maker, and it doesn't always seem, for the right reasons. Starting a fight just to make yourself look like a tough guy does not help your team. I remember the game in Buffalo when he wouldn't even take his seat in the penalty box, just continued to shoot off his mouth at the officials. But hey now, this is my opinion. He may be some kind of awesome player, that I am not sure of, but I know his actions in other areas of the game are not desirable to me as a hockey viewer.

It seems to me that the "elements" always seem to make the players at the winter classic Like you know they could do a lot better indoors. I'm sure if it were an indoor game the score would have been very different. But, in the end, Boston gets the win, Ronald McDonald gets a car, and all is well in the city of Boston for the day. Woo+hoo.

So on to the bigger stuff here people, Sabres vs. Thrashers here on home ice. Break down as follows:

1st period: Ummm, I think I may be asleep. All these Atlanta goals are blurring, please help, the Sabres must have had too much to drink last night, what in the love of Stu Barnes is happening here? Wake me up when something happens please. Oh wait, someone scored with 2 mins. left in the period? Oh Jochen Hecht thank you for that, it twas lovely.

2nd period: Ok, so we might actually be able to do this, not like we never have before.

*somewhere between 2nd and 3rd more goals are scored, another by Hecht and one by Connolly. Thank you both again for showing up tonight.

3rd period:I dunno, I think I might have been going nutty by this point.

OT: With 59 secs. left, Derek Roy wins it for us with no shootout needed (dammit, I like those, does that make me nuts? maybe) and all in Buffalo rejoice, as do Cellino, Barnes, and all the diabetic children who get another thousand dollars. Hallelujah!

Now, some notes from me.

I can not get over Toni Lydman and his need to get penalties so close to the end of the game/end of the period/when we are tied or down by one/whenever there is something important going on and you feel like marching your ass downtown to kick him in the groin. PLEASE STOP THIS INSANITY LYDMAN, IT IS BECOMING A TREND AND IS UNCOOL. I WOULD HAVE EXPRESSED MY THOUGHTS TO YOU ABOUT THIS WHEN I SAW YOU IN WEGMANS ALL THOSE MONTHS AGO, BUT YOU WERE WITH YOUR CHILD (buying her a balloon...awww) BUT I FIGURED: HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE. So yeah, knock that stuff off please, you make me nuts.

Gaustad looked like he had to pick up a lot of slack tonight for some of the other dudes who had one too many last night. Not cool at all for him. I mean geez, redwood (that equals Myers for me) could have done that, he isn't even old enough to drink yet, gosh. But those are two different things completely. Once again Gaustad was kicking ass in the faceoff dept., where he belongs forever.

Hecht pretty much saved our asses, because I was pretty sure Miller would be pulled after that 3rd goal was scored like the other night, but he wasn't. I really think Lalime should have been in tonight, but eh, I guess it all turned out ok in the end, but man Miller, your starts have been awful. But all of Buffalo loves you, so I guess I can't stay mad.

Drew Stafford didn't show up to tonight's game. Oh well.

Ok, so for one more night, all is well on the Sabres front. No one has to go home and cry (except for the people who wanted to see Kaleta tonight, come on brother, get back out there yo!) and we are 2 more points in the right direction. Game on!!

1st entry!

My very first attempt at a Buffalo Sabres blog, so bear with me please. I have some knowledge of things, so hopefully this will not be a total train wreck. We shall see!